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    so, I was just thinking how AOE's history could develop... how they explained the backstory of lockdown's bosses, the building of optimus and the dinobots

    and I decided to share my thoughts with you guys;
    this is not fanfic, and it is not predictions or theories either; its just for fun
    ãnd I know, it is a long read :p 

    so, in the beggining there was nothing... and then there was the big bang
    because of a series of chemical reactions to the explosion, a large metalic planet was created in the spot where the big explosion... exploded

    not only cybertron was created, but two energy clouds/forces or whatever (kinda like galactus) were created: Primus and Unicron

    Primus united with cybertron’s core and started creating what would be the first of his creations: Prima

    And then, Prima created the thirteen, who cast out unicron to the far reaches of space
    In an desperate attempt to survive, Unicron tried to use some alien metal o form a vessel, a body for him to live on; he was successful, but that body as not strong enough to support his power and was destroyed and decomposed into metal again, leaving unicron a cloud/force/insert nerd designation here

    Unicron used the elements that composed him (h2o, co2, O, etc etc etc lets not get too cientifical were…) and created an organic planet around him, hoping to survive and one day, rise again…

    The thirteen created the Allspark, to fill other worlds with live and travelled through space building sun harvesters to power the up Allspark

    Then it comes the part we already know: fallen betrays them, is defeated and goes into hiding and the primes sacrifice themselves to hide the matrix.

    But one of them actually survived: Quintus Prime
    He sacrificed himself to unite his spark to the Allspark and creating a new species based on him: the quintessons who send the allspark to space to create new life, like it was supposed to be

    The quintessons know that the fallen is out there and they decided to create a new prime: optimus prime
    Optimus has leaved in cybertron, so that we would wake up and believe he was created by the Allspark like the others; all this because the quintessons did not want their existence to be know. The quintessons knew some day the fallen would come to battle optimus

    Next, the quintessons created another artificial cybertronian: Lockdown
    Lockdown was sent to earth to kill all life there (dinosaurs) and cyberform it, trapping unicron in his core, like primus is trapped in cybertron’s core.
    His mission was successful.

    Back to cybertron: the great war starts, everything happens like we know… but there is more: Shockwave decided to insert some predacon (prehistoric cybertronian species) CNA into a autobot team, one that would be know was dinobots, witch gave them bestial personalities.
    The dinobots eventually escaped and travelled through a portal that leaded them to prehistoric earth (beast wars style), some point between the extinction of the dinosaurs and the cyberforming.
    To adapt to the new environment, they scanned some bones, but because of the predacon CNA their dinosaur modes became a little… different from what we know (horns, extra heads…). They defeated lockdown and forced him to return to his masters, changing the earth’s fate, allowing evolution to use nature for the human race to be born.

    Now lockdown is back to recapture prime, who messed with the balance of the universe by interacting humans, to the point of a new cybertronian generation to be build by humans!!! (boy, the quintessons are going to love that when they find out :p  ).
    Between lockdown’s new equipment are the nightship, made from some of that metal that formed unicron’s original physical body (that is why the ship was that unicron-like sucking abilities, but is not unicron).
    The ship is also full if alien species that lockdown captured, for que quintessons to see what their actions created (who said the quintessons don’t know how to be proud daddies two?). we also was an army of a new race build by the quintessons (they appear cybertronian but are not cybertronian, like thinderwing in TFPrime videogame)

    I think eventually, lockdown is going to be killed by optimus, unicron will wake up, the quintessons are going to become good guys like in transformers: energon but are going to get killed and unicron will be destroyed forever with the help of the matrix)

    So… what do you think?