AOE Platinum Edition Set Bios

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    Breakout Battle

    Hunted by forces that seek to destroy them, the Autobots have been living off the grid to avoid detection. A mechanic searching for scrap makes a surprising discovery and brings home a truck badly in need of repairs. Little does he know, Decepticon enforcers have tracked the trucks to his farm, readying a tactical strike. But Optimus Prime and the Autobots will never surrender. The Autobot Leader breaks out of hiding and into battle, unleashing full-blown farmageddon!

    Autobots United

    They have been living in hiding, banished by the same humans they have fought to protect. Though they have not tasted battle in some time, their circuits are quick to remember. When the Autobots stand as one, no enemy can defeat them.

    -Optimus Prime: Leader
    -Bumblebee: Scout
    -Autobot Drift: Close Quarters Combat
    -Autobot Hound: Heavy Munitions
    -Crosshairs: Sharpshooter