Minor/Repaint: AoE Leader Grimlock dino mode neck

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    Liking this guy more and more, but the way the neck panels in dino mode interfered with his head motion bugged me.

    I cut off the rectangular tab that the neck panel tabs into, and shaved down various bits in that area as needed to gain clearance. The left side of the below image is original, the right side is modded.


    The dull gray areas are where the trimming is made.


    This lets the flaps close in tighter; again, left flap original, right modded:


    Not shown is a little notch that has to be cut into the brown ridge where the neck flap hits as you move the head down, the part that has the ratchet teeth on it. It should be obvious once you get this far. I also chose to shave the edge of the flaps where they hit the folded knee joints, the orange parts, and those orange parts as well, for more motion. Again, you should see where it's necessary once you get that far.

    Now, the neck flaps can stay tucked together and allow more downward head motion. Still, though, for maximum deflection, you'll have to pull the flaps out.

    Comments please!

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