Anyone know of an online list for TF and non-TF Mecha Manga?

Discussion in 'Transformers Comics Discussion' started by batfan007, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Does anyone here know of an online list for TF and non-TF Mecha Manga?

    Particularly one that notes which works are available in english.

    I've found loads of sites and pages that list various shows, but it takes forever to click through like every listing of every show/comic ever.

    If there is not one, then I will make one for my blog for REF. But I would think somebody would have made such a list given all the anime sites out there.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Yes TF and non-TF and everything welcome.

    If you are a mod and HAVE to move this thread by Asimov's Law , could you please consider holding off for like even a day or two, as nobody answers much in the non-TF topics, the people likely to answer this Query are more likely fans of Mecha, TF, anime, Manga in general.