Anyone interested in some DVDs?

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    Jul 4, 2004
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    I've decided to sell my Transformers anime DVDs.

    This is what I'm selling:

    Superlink Pt1
    Superlink Pt2
    Superlink Pt3
    Superlink Pt4
    Galaxy Force Part 1

    This the first 10 or so episodes of Galaxy force and the entire Superlink series.

    These are Hong Kong DVDs, they are region free, these are not duplicates that I copied, these are the actual DVDs. They are Region-free.

    Just want to let you know, the subtitling of Superlink is atrocious. They seldom get the names right

    For example:

    Galvatron= Keowayner
    Ironhide= Teppy
    Mega Zarak= Sark Titan
    Rodimus Convoy=Lowen

    For the most part, the subtitling is not that bad, in that you can figure out what they are actually saying in a literal sense. It's just, the names are very very badly translated.

    Galaxy Force's translation is much better though.

    Just letting you know ahead of time.

    Make offers if interested

    These all have been watched once and are ALL in working order and I am very careful with handling discs, because I'm an obsessive compulsive person