Anybody take screencaps off the 360?

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by The Constructicon, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Anyone here have the capability to take high-quality screenshots on the 360?
    Possibly a video card that allows capture and such?

    I really want some pictures to photoshop of my characters for sigs and avatars and
    stuff but I don't have the ability to do it myself.
    Plus you can't rotate the camera to see yourself anyway... so you'd need two people anyhow.

    But yeah, anyone capable and willing to assist?
  2. Rexidus

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    Unfortunately I don't have the capabilities to capture screen shots on the 360 but since I was/am considering making a machinema out of the game I can pass on what I have learned to make your screen shots look better.

    The best way to get a clean shot, and the way I was considering having the camera, is to set up a game of plant the bomb. Have the camera be a scout with cloak. When the scout takes the bomb he looses his reticule and when cloaked when in a good spot there is very little interfering with the shot.

    There are two downsides to this though. First the way point will still be visible to the camera as will gamertags. Also you will have a cloaked character in the shot and unless you have a fantastic orientation you will likely be able to make him out. If you don't use the cloaked scout but do everything else you have about 1/4 of the screen you could use and have nothing but waypoints and gamertags visible.

    If I could find a way to remove the gamertags would. But I can't get rid of them.

    Hope that gives you some help.