Fan Art: Any artists at TFcon 2017 selling a collage print of Michael Bell's characters, which has Smurfs?

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    Kind of an odd question, but I'm a fan of a lot of 80's properties, and since he's voiced multiple characters from that decade, I'm hoping there will be a print available that will include the Smurfs amongst the rest of his most famous characters.

    Without question, the Smurfs voice roles are at the same grande scale on his portfolio as Transformers and GIJoe, so it would be cool if there was a collage print for sale that included his most famous 80's characters (sorry, no Rugrats or other 90's characters):

    Ideally, for me, if a print was made, it would be of:

    Prowl, Sideswipe, Swoop, Scrapper and Bombshell

    Duke, Xamot and Major Bludd

    Handy, Grouchy and Lazy (Smurfs)

    Allstar (Snorks)

    Zan and Gleek - Super Friends

    Plastic Man - The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show (1979-81 series)

    Lance beside his blue lion - Voltron (1984-85 series)

    Bruce Banner with some sort of growing-outwards transformation effect that ends with the Hulk behind him The Incredible Hulk (1982-83 series)

    Lex Luthor - Superman (1988 series)

    I know artists attending TFcon in the past made artwork that was of that year's voice actor's characters, and then sold them as prints.

    Any artist planning on doing a print similar to what I have listed above?