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    hi guys i came up with the character Anubis (btw hes a superhero lol) a fue years back and my friend really liked him to and has wrote a story about him with a little imput from me with guidance on the characters n who they are and so on. so id be really happy if u guys could read it and give me some feedback. i also do have art work 4 him too. :)  btw sorry about the spelling my friend hasnt found the wonder of spell check lol

    thanks craig


    Chapter One

    A fresh breeze blows across the morning sky, the air is chilly and damp. A new sun is peaking over the horizon. Five friends stand chit-chatting and laughing together at a bus stop. There's Shawn, who is tall and fairly thin. He has shaggy blonde hair that curls down his forehead and slightly over his eyes, which are piercing blue. He's wearing baggy jeans and an open red plaid shirt. Underneath that is a t-shirt with some messy design on it. Jake is shorter than Shawn but a bit bulkier, not in fat but in muscle as he likes to spend time at the gym. He has short dark brown hair that is almost completely shaven off. He's wearing black loose fitting jeans with a dark top and a black leather jacket. The third group member is Jessica. She's average height, around five foot five and slender. Her long burnished auburn hair curves around her petit face and falls over her slim delicate shoulders. She is wearing tight fitting jeans accented buy some blue heels, She has a white top on which has short sleeves up to her shoulders and a long v cut neck line. The last two friends are Kyle and Steven, Kyle is very tall and fairly slim, He has dark skin like he is mixed race, However he is white british, Steven is short and cubby with dirty gray curly hair.
    Moments later a long bus screaches to a holt at the bus stop, The doors slide open with a judder and the five friends step aboard, After all buying the tickets they take there seats. Jessica sits down first by the window in the middle of the bus. Shawn walks quickly to sit next to her, Jake grabs his shirt and pulls his back "I dont think so." He says as he steps in front of Shawn. Shawn pushes him back, The two lads playfully push each other back and forth fighting for the seat next to the beautiful Jessica. However while the struggle with each other, Steven blonks his large bum down on the seat next to her. The two boys stop fighting a sit on the seat behind her, Jake turns to Shawn and whispers in his ear "So are you actully go ask her out at any point?? Its been what like ten years since you first had a crush on her." Shawn hangs his head and replies "Its not that simple.." Shawn smirks and says "Why isn't it?.. You like her.. She knows you exisist.. Thats a good start." Shawn glances over her shoulder at her beautiful smiling face.
    Just then she turns round to face them, The boys jump and look around, She says in a cheery voice "Wha't ya talkin bout?" The boys um and arh as they try and think of something, Then Jake sees somebody reading a newspaper and on the front it says about missing poeple. So he says "Uh well just about all those poeple going missing," Jessica nods and says "Yeah i know whats it been now twelve poeple in about two weeks?.." Shawn looks out the window hes hands are sweaty and clammy as he struggles to find his voice he says "Somebody should do something?." Just then there is an uproar of laughter at the back of the bus, Shawn turns around and sat at the back of the bus is a young boy in the same school as Shawn but a few years below him. Behind the young boy are some older lads holding a hat and pointing at the boys head. His hair is bright electric blue and spiky. The boy is reaching for his hat. The Older lads hold it higher and chuck between them so the kid can't reach it. Shawn stands up from his seat and says to the older lads "Hey come on guys. Give him the hat back." The lads stop throwing the hat around and stear at Shawn. One says to him "Whats it got to do with you?" Shawn stays standing but doesn't reply. Then one of the other lads says "Oh forget it. Heres our stop anyway. " They toss the hat back to the blue haired boy. Who quickly puts it on. Shawn turns around and sits back down. Jessica turns round and puts her hand on Shawns "That was really nice of you Shawn." She says with a smile her eyes locked on his.
    Around fifteen mintues later the five friends have left the bus and are walking through some hugh green gates in front of a large building Jake says to the group "Ya'kno i thought six form would be so much better than year eleven. Man was i wrong." The group all nod there heads except for Shawn who says "I dunno i kinda like school." Jess looks across at him and smiles before saying "I agree Shawn." Two of the boys Kyle and Steven walk off in a different direction they shout "see ya" To the group. Shawn asks Jess and Jake "What ya guys got first?.. I'v got music lessons." Jake says "I'm free this morning untill twelve not even sure why i didn't come in untill then." Jess smiles and says "I'm free as well..." A smile sweeps across Jakes face he quickly says "Wanna hang out?." Jess smiles but frawns at the same time and quickly replies "Umm i'v got some studying to do so i'll meet ya all at lunch." The three walk in different directions.
    The sun is high in the sky and beaming down rays of heat. Its lunch time and the five friends have gathered out side on a bench to enjoy the sunshine as the eat there lunch. Jake stands up from the table and says "Ok guys.. As you all know its the end of the school year next week.. And i'm making a motion we get hammered in celebration for all the hard work we've all done." Shawn quickly says "The hard work "We've done"". He says mocking Jakes words. Jake smiles and says "Ok the hard work you guys have done?." The group all nod and agree. Then Jake looks at Shawn and winks. Shawn screws up his face in confusion, Then Jake taps Kyle and Steven on the shoulders and says "hey lads i need some help.. Can you come with me." Again he winks at Shawn and Jake, Kyle and Steven walk away, Leaving Shawn and Jessica alone. Jessica looks at the boys as they walk away and says "Well that was weird.." Shawn smirks and nods. His heart beating out of his chest, Palms sweaty his toung tied in his mouth, As he gasps for breath he says "Jes..ssi..ica.. Um .. You Go out..tom..orrow ..Ya.. know.. Like .. the two ..of ..Us ...But its cool if ya don't ya know i'm easy.. So you know don't worry about it or anything thats fine." Jessica cuts shawns random babble of and says "I'd love to.. meet me at La Foraza at eight?" Shawn smiles and says "Yeah sounds great." Jess stands up and starts walking off, As she does she stops and turns back around "Its about time you asked me." She says with a smile. Shawn watches her as she walks away, His face alight with the biggest smile.
    Later that day as kids pour out of school. Shawn stands at the gates with Jake, They are waiting for the rest of the group. Shawn tells Jake about getting a date with Jessica, Jake laughs and says "OH MY GOD!.. I dont belive it.. Its about bloody time.. I was serously about to ask her out myself."
    Shawn still beaming from ear to ear says "I know i can't wait!" Just then the rest of the group walk up and they head of just as they do a hugh gust of wind blows nearly knocking Jake over. Shawn grabs him to stop him getting hit by a car. Jessica says "Wow what the hell was that?." Jake says "I dunno but dam am i gald you were here Shawn." Shawn just smiles and the group continue walking up the road.
    The next night Shawn stands in his room, He is dressed head to toe in a black tuxedo with a bow tie. His hair slicked back. He stands looking at him self in a mirror befor saying "No to much!" He quickly changes and before long he stands, With blue jeans that have wholes in the knees and a baggy white t shirt. Shawn says "Nope not enough.." He clances down at the clock on his desk it says half seven "Oh crap" He says He grabs his phone and dials Jess's number, "Hello Jess?.. Its Shawn i'm running a little late is that ok?." She happiely says "Yeah thats fine i'll meat you outside." Shawn hangs up the phone after saying by to her. Then he quickly gets changed again. This time He has black suit trousers on and shiny black shoes, A nice deep blue shirt un done a few buttons down to givew it a v and a black suit jacket to top it off. "Perfect" Shawn says looking in the mirror. The clock now reads Fifteen minutes to eight Shawn quickly grab his phone and runs out the front door shouting by to his dad.
    He sprints down the road trying to make it in time.. Looking down at his watch its now five to eight. Shawn quickly takes a left and heads for a short cut through a nearby wood. As he does a man in dark clothes with a buzz cut follows him in. Shawn stops to grab his breath, His hands on his knees he gasps for air. Chest pounding from to much work, Just the a cold clammy hand reaches out and grabs his should, Shawn turns and sees the man from the entrance with the buzz. The man gives him a sickening grin. Lifts up his fist and slams it into Shawns face. His lip slipts open spilling blood down his chin. Shawn drops to the floor holdin his face, The man quickly walks to his side and swings his foot into Shawns gut, Shawns twists in pain. As he rolls over his phone falls out, The buzz cut man lifts up his foot and brings it down on to Shawns face, Shawns nose cracks and snaps under the mans boot. Shawn rolls out the way and grabs his phone, Still rolling on the floor he franticly dials Jess's number, As she answers the phone Shawn screams down the phone "HELP ME!... Theres men.. They want to kill me." Then the buzz cut man grabs Shawn round the neck and lifts him towards his face. The mans breath sticks of garlic. he says in a husky voice "No no no. Thats a naughty boy... Thats a dead boy" He slams Shawn down hard into the floor, Shawns head cracks on a hard sharp rock, Blood begins to pour from his head, Shawn grabs his bleeding skull with both hands, He then rolls over and trys to get up. As he does The buzz cut man picks up a hugh stick and swings it at Shawn, It slams into his face and again Shawn falls to the ground bearly consouices he lays looking up at the Buzz cut man, The man lifts the stick high up and is about to bring it down. Just then a voice is heard in the distance "Reaper! Enough!. shot him and lets go." The Buzz cut man Reaper, pulls out a gun a fires at Shawn. The bang shatters the night, Birds fly from trees and dogs bark. A dart flys out of the gun and hits Shawn in the chest, Shawn reaches down and pulls it out, His eyes dazed he slumps to the floor.
    Reaper walks over and hurls his motionless body over his shoulder and heads towards the exit.
    Once there a black van is already waiting, A side door slides open and Reaper tosses Shawn in the vechile, He climbs aboard and the van dissappears into the night.
    Deep in the woods Shawns phone is still connected to Jessica's. On the other end Jess stands her eyes fixed and wide, Her mouth open and tears roll down her cheeks, For what she just heard was the death of her best friend.