Another review/feedback of AOE.

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    It's been about a week since I've seen Transformers Age of Extinction, and i must say it was a great experience watching it on IMAX 3D.

    At first I noticed how many mixed reviews there was ( and continues to be ) for AOE, some good and some very bad.

    Once I read that all the lame humor was gone and more robot scenes, I had to watch it.

    The movie was longer than expected but well worth it, it kind of left numb after all the epic fights and action scenes that I couldn't believe were possible.( considering the rumors of it's low budget )

    The beginning of the film showing theancient ships destroying earth during the Dinosaur era was mind blowing! It was missing the Dinobots backstory in this though, that would have been perfect!

    The Autobots were very convincing in their individual roles. The new Autobots introduced were Hound and Drift. I like Hound he was great, but like Drift the face was too humanoid for my taste. Regardless of his face I loved Hounds performance, he plays as some kind of old Autobot commander.

    Drift surprised me with his two alt modes, that was super cool but even that wasn't enough for me to like him. Sorry guys.

    This time around the Autobots, especially Optimus are pissed because the humans they were protecting are now killing their own. There's a new side to them that improved this movie to me even greater, they seeked revenge on the humans and literally broke in the KSI headquarters destroying everything. so cool.

    It's about time I see an edgier side to Optimus, it was great no more pussy Autobots in this one. :thumb 

    I enjoyed watching the humans in this one, something that I always wanted since Transformers 1.
    Removing the entire cast, like Shia Labeouf and the Witwickys for example, and introducing a new one was a good move. Shia was cool but quickly became annoying after his first Transformers movie.

    Mark Whalberg did great, along with the new acress Nicola Peltz. Still a bit funny though how Bay seeks out only gorgeous women for his Transformers movie.

    The Decepticons this time were a bit interesting, actually were they Decepticons? Well Lockdown was the baddest mofo, and man did he deliver.

    His role as a bounty hunter was excellent, I loved his navy seal performances, very cool!
    Unlike Shockwave, this poster boy really made me fear him if I were an Autobot fleeing.

    Now the Dinobots were fucking sweet, the designs as Knights/Barbarians earned their place as my favorites of the movie. When Optimus first spoke to Grimlock I was in complete awe, he should've kept talking in Cybertronian though.
    I'm sure Bay would've loved to explain and reveal more about them but these guys were massive, one can only imagine how expensive they are to animate.

    I'm not alone when I say I wish there was more shown about them.

    The end was great, Lockdown dies which I saw happening since Optimus was upgraded and what not. If only he asked at least one Dinobot to help him out.

    Optimus left to space which makes me anxious of what story will be made for that. It's too bad the rest of his comrades couldn't accompany him on his journey.

    Yeah there's a couple things I wanted to see added but this movie far surpassed my expectations. Because this was Bay's fourth film I expected the same ol Transformers but not this time, this was well done.

    I can only imagine what's to come for TF5, I'll expect more space scenes and maybe give a female the lead role this time.

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    I'm glad you liked it. Lockdown was handled with a lot of respect imo