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    UPDATED 2/5/2021

    UPDATE: Removed sold items

    OP: Hey all, I am anticipating moving again within a couple months if I land one of the jobs I applied for, so I’m going to start unloading things I don’t want to take with me. Please note that all prices are negotiable and I am willing to make deals for multiple purchases. I have a
    small trade list too so that is always an option. UPDATE - It's been nearly a year since my move which will (hopefully) be the last one for a long time. I now have access to all my items. Please don't hesitate to make offers. I really want to get rid of as much as possible to make room.

    General info:
    All items for sale come from my personal collection. I do my best to describe items as accurately as possible, but I am not a professional toy grader by any means. If one of my listings appears inaccurate, please let me know so I can correct it.

    Payment: I only accept PayPal for payment. Payment must be received and verified before I will ship out items. PayPal fees will be calculated and factored into final pricing (I add 5% to total price+shipping cost). I will not accept payment as "Friends and Family". It is for your own protection as well as mine.

    Not included with the prices. When inquiring about items, send me your zip code so I can get a shipping quote. At this time, I am only shipping within the U.S. Shipping quotes will be based on total weight of item(s) plus packaging. Prices will be determined using the USPS price calculator. Generally, items weighing less than 1 lb will be shipped using a bubble envelope or small box via USPS First Class and anything over 1 lb will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail. I cannot control shipping prices so please do not ask me to discount shipping. The only way to save on shipping cost is to purchase multiple items so I can package them together. I ensure all my items are packaged well to prevent breakage during shipping. If an item arrives damaged or in any condition other than what was described, please contact me first before filing a claim.

    New wants thread. Now in color!

    Masterpiece/3rd Party
    • MP-24 Starsaber - MIB, Transformed once, then put back in box. Never on display. SOLD
    • X-Transbots Apollyon - MIB, only transformed once before putting back in the box. No known issues. SOLD
    • iGear Coneheads PP03J, PP03E, PP03A - MIB, no stickers or instructions, comes with extra clear stand pieces. SOLD
    • Masterpiece Starscream (Walmart version) - Loose, complete, has leg kibble mod done so it can stand, the wash has been removed for a cleaner look. SOLD
    • Masterpiece Skywarp (Walmart version) - Loose, complete, has leg kibble mode done so it can stand, head was replaced with MP-11 mold, box can be included but it will not fit in the clamshell due to the mods. SOLD
    • Masterpiece Thundercracker (TRU version) - MIB. SOLD
    • KO Masterpiece Ratbat - Loose, comes with case. SOLD
    • Platinum Edition Insecticons - MISB. SOLD
    • Metroplex - Loose, missing some stickers. I believe all parts are present. Does have wear. Includes original instructions. SOLD
    • Battletrap - Loose, complete with gun. SOLD
    • Micromaster Swindler - Loose. SOLD
    • Micromaster Tailspin - Loose. SOLD
    • Scattershot - Loose, comes with combiner head, chest, and large rifl, leg with broken hinges was replaced, so no longer broken. $30
    • Snaptrap - Loose, includes combiner head and chest. $20
    • Blitzwing - Loose, no accessories, missing turret. $5
    Beast Wars
    • Terrorsaur - Basic class, loose, complete. SOLD
    • Laserbeak - Basic class, loose, complete. SOLD
    • Airazor - Basic class, loose, complete. SOLD
    • Cybershark - Deluxe class, loose, missing 1 fin. SOLD
    Star Wars Crossovers
    • Millennium Falcon - Loose, includes all accessories except small figurines. SOLD
    A/E/C Trilogy
    • Cybertron Starscream - Supreme class, loose, complete. SOLD
    • Cybertron Backstop - Deluxe class, loose, missing planet key. $5
    • Energon Rapid Run - Deluxe class, missing missiles, has mini-cons from Armada Sideways, but they still work. $5
    • Optimus Prime Battle Blaster - Loose, complete, lights and sounds work. SOLD
    • FOC Grimlock - Voyager class, MISB. SOLD
    • Blitzwing - Voyager class, complete with box. SOLD
    • Doubledealer - Voyager class, MISB. $20
    • Rhinox - Voyager class, MISB. $20
    • Rattrap - Deluxe class, MOSC. SOLD
    • Waspinator - Deluxe class, MOSC. $15
    • Scourge - Loose, missing weapons. $5
    • Brainstorm - Voyager class, MISB. SOLD

    Combiner Wars
    • Sky Lynx - MISB. SOLD
    • Mirage - SOLD
    • Wheeljack - SOLD
    • Ironhide - SOLD
    • Sunstreaker - SOLD
    • Trailbreaker - SOLD
    • Hound - SOLD
    • Smokescreen - SOLD
    • Prowl - SOLD
    • Onslaught - SOLD
    • Swindle - SOLD
    • Blastoff - SOLD
    • Vortex - SOLD
    • Brawl - SOLD
    Titans Return
    • Powermaster Optimus Prime - Leader class, complete with box. SOLD

    • TFTM 2007 Optimus Prime - Voyager class, complete with box. $15
    • TFTM 2007 Bumblebee (new Camaro) - Deluxe class, loose, complete. $10
    • TFTM 2007 Hardtop - Scout class, loose, no accessories. $2
    • TFTM 2007 Clocker - Scout class, loose, complete. $5
    • TFTM 2007 Brawl - Leader class, loose, complete, main cannon was broken off and has been repaired, but the lights and sound effects no longer work in it. Electronics work otherwise. $30
    • ROTF Cyberverse Soundwave - Scout class, loose, complete. $2
    • ROTF Breakaway - Deluxe class, loose, complete. SOLD
    • DOTM Optimus Prime (Mechtech) - Voyager class, loose, complete. $15
    • AOE Evasion Mode Optimus Prime - Voyager, complete with box. SOLD
    Non-Transformers Toys

    • Digimon
      • Digivolving Kabuterimon/Megakabuterimon - Loose, complete. SOLD
      • Digivolving Blackagumon/Blackwargreymon - Loose, complete. SOLD
      • Digivolving Geogreymon/Rizegreymon - Loose, complete. SOLD
    • Battlestar Galactica
      • Vintage Cylon Raider - Loose with canopy, no missiles or pilot. $20
    • TRON: Legacy (3 3/4" scale toys)
      • One-Man Light Jet - Complete with figure. SOLD
      • Light Runner - Complete with figure. SOLD
      • Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle - Complete. SOLD
    More will be added later, along with pictures.

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    still waiting on your shipping quote from 2 weeks ago

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    I messages you about thundercracker, please check your email. Thank you
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