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    Did anyone else here go to the anime convention in Vancouver this past weekend? I did not see anything mentioned so I hope this is the right section. There were quite a few TF guests featured, including:

    Gavin Blair (supervising animator, Beast Wars)
    Garry Chalk (Optimus Primal)
    Ian James Corlett (Cheetor)
    Richard Ian Cox (Scattershot)
    Trevor Devall (Scourge)
    Paul Dobson (Sideways)
    Brian Drummond (Jetfire)
    Scott McNeil (everyone else)

    Some TF-related bits from the VA/ReBoot panels:

    - someone asked Garry Chalk how he felt about Peter Cullen getting to voice Optimus Prime in the movie (audience reaction: "oooooo...","mreowrr!", etc). He said he understood that the fans wanted Op's original VA and that Cullen's voiceover at the beginning of the movie totally nailed it.

    - Chalk also mentioned the fact that he needs a permit to work in the US played a factor in David Kaye getting to voice Prime in TF:Animated.

    - Ian Corlett said he would often be placed next to Chalk while recording for Beast Wars and had to watch out because the latter would get really enthusiastic and flail about.

    - Scott McNeil talked about Botcon '98 being his first convention ever and it blew him away how much the cast & crew's work meant to the fans (he knew Code of Hero was fresh in transfans' minds at the time). He recalled coming across a fan drawing Waspinator and said to him "Wazzpinator likezzz!" upon which said fan looked up and was momentarily speechless. :) 

    - Not TF-related, but Garry Chalk said this was his first anime convention and being so impressed with the amount of cosplayers, he went down to the cosplay booth in the dealer room to try on something but it did not fit him. Scott said that's because it was a Sailor Moon outfit.

    Also, there was an AMV contest and the Judges Choice winner was "Revenge of Mr Transformer" by Thundercatlord. It's on youtube but I'm not sure how to post links properly yet, sorry. :( 

    If anyone else here was in attendance at AE'09, please feel free to add stuff or correct me since this is all I can remember!

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