Animation in "Batman: The Animated Series" : the studios behind the cartoon

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    Animation in "Batman: The Animated Series" : the studios behind the cartoon - YouTube

    I Founded this Video off of Youtube. This One talks about, Different Animation in Batman.

    Batman: The Animated Series was animated by different animation studios around the world:

    - Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Japan) (Did Superman: The Animated Series, Bakugan, Green Lantern: First Flight, Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker, Tiny Toons: How I spent my Vacation)
    - Spectrum Animation (Japan)
    - Akom Production (South Korea) (Did The Transformers, X-Men, G.I. Joe, Tiny Toons, The Simpsons, The Land Before Time (films II-VI), Taz-Mania, Gargoyles, Animainics, Arthur (Seasons 1-11)) They Were later fired by Bruce Timm due to inconsistent and frequently poor quality animation, specifically due to the episode "Cat Scratch Fever".
    - Dong Yang Animation (South Korea)
    - Sunrise (Japan) (Did Big-O, Any Gundam Cartoon, Armored Trooper Votoms, Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, Mai-HiME, Mai-Otome, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, as well as its numerous adaptations of acclaimed manga and light novels such as Dirty Pair, City Hunter, InuYasha, Outlaw Star, Yakitate!! Japan, Planetes, Keroro Gunso, Gin Tama)
    - Blue Pencil (Spain)
    - Dust (Japan)
    - Studio Junio (Japan)
    - Jade Animation (China)
    - Lightbox Animation (Canada)

    note: Lightbox Animation only worked on the original pilot, Jade Animation only made "The Terrible Trio" and some retakes on "The Day of the Samurai", Dust have made only one episode "Beware the Gray Ghost".

    I ever wonder If Both DC and Warner bros. would like to do "D.C. Anime", with Studio Pierrot, or Toei Animation to do the work though.