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    Part 1

    Imagine a small star, not much larger than our own. Nearby a gas giant orbits so closely that it's cloudtops boil due to the heat. And around the gas giant floats a single lonely moon. It's barren surface, scorched bare by the star, is seemingly devoid of any life. However, as it passes through the shadow of the gas giant, it is safe to approach it, and if you did, you might notice a cybertronian star ship parked on it's surface. The ship appears to be abandoned until you notice the tunnel entrance located beside it. And far below the planet's surface, in a room hidden in the tunnel network, Sixshot was getting impatient.

    "Thunderwing," he said, "Hurry up on that door so we can get out of these tunnels and far, far away from that star. Unless you would like to go out there when it's hot enough that anyone else idiotic enough to come here will have to identify you from a pile of molten slag."

    "That, and don't forget we're deep in Autobot space," said Bludgeon, "They're sure to have picked up our transwarp signature. It's a wonder they haven't sent anyone to investigate already. Not that I wouldn't mind having some Autobots to test my blade against." The skull-faced warrior strode up beside the collossal Sixshot. Although he was large even by Decepticon standards, he barely came up to Sixshot's chest.

    Thunderwing paused momentarily, then spoke as he worked. "Some of us see the value in patience. I had to devote a lot of my time to researching this type of security system, otherwise it would be taking a lot longer to hack."

    "Some of us can think of much faster methods than hacking," said Sixshot. He turned to Bludgeon and nodded. Bludgeon drew his sword, and swung it at the door, the energised blade slicing through it with ease.

    "Reckless", muttered Thunderwing, as Bludgeon moved the remains of the door out of the way.

    "But efficient," replied Sixshot, marching past Thunderwing into the chamber, "And besides, Megatron wouldn't install any kind of deadly trap. He wouldn't want to risk this being damaged."

    Inside the chamber was almost featureless, except for a stasis field in the centre of it. And there, being held aloft in the stasis field, was a small key-like object.

    "What is it?" asked Bludgeon.

    "Our friend here, Thunderwing, used to work in this very facility. Wouldn't you care to explain for Bludgeon?" said Sixshot.

    "Before the great war began, before the Autobots...lost the Allspark," said Thunderwing, "Many experiments were carried out upon it, and it was found that it had the power to imbue some objects with a small amount of it's energy. This is one of the few remaining such objects," he said, pointing to the small key, "And the only one that was in decepticon possesion. Megatron and I tried to find ways of using it's power to win the war, but we soon found it was too unpredictable. It was almost as if it had a mind of it's own, and it didn't want to help us. In the end, Megatron decided to seal it away where nobody else could get their hands on it, not even me. Of course, he didn't think I would be so persistant in obtaining it again."

    Sixshot walked up to the stasis field. The force field protecting it offered little resistance as he reached in and took out the small object. He held the tiny key between his fingers, studying it.

    "But if not even Megatron could find a use for it, what hope do we have?" asked Bludgeon.

    "We're going to use it to find the Allspark," said Sixshot. He finished scanning the key before storing it away on his body. "Now that we have it's energy signiture, it shouldn't be too difficult to locate it. And then," he said, his voice growing manical, "we shall use it's power to raise an army capable of levelling Cybertron and those pathetic autobots to the ground. And then any other civilisation, technological or otherwise, will fall as I reshape the galaxy in my image!"

    "Our image," said Thunderwing.

    "Of course," replied Sixshot.

    "A galaxy in your image? I keep trying to imagine it but all I can think of is pure ugly slag," said a voice from the door.

    The three decepticons turned to look at the speaker. Standing in the doorway was a red and gold Autobot with flames on his armour, wielding a staff. Standing to the right of him was a stocky green, orange and brown autobot armed with a pair of maces. On his left side was a blue autobot with a single eye and armed with a buzzsaw, hovering several metres in the air. Sixshot recognised their modified autobot symbols.

    "Wreckers," he said, "I thought they were destroyed during the war. I'm quite sure since I killed most of them myself. I suppose if the Wreckers have been reformed, you wouldn't mind telling me your names so that I can remember all the Wreckers I've destroyed?"

    "All you need to know is that I'm Rodimus Prime, and this is Roadbuster and Whirl. Now, are you going to come quietly or are we going to have to help you remember why we're called the Wreckers?" Rodimus's staff ignited. Roadbuster braced himself to charge. Whirl hovered higher, prepared to strike.

    Sixshot laughed. Then he transformed in a whirlwind of parts into a large transmetal beast before lunging on Rodimus, slashing at him with his claws. Rodimus blocked his blows with his staff but was pushed back with each swipe, unable to attack.

    Roadbuster charged at Bludgeon, swinging his maces. Bludgeon dodged his charge and swung at him with his sword. Roadbuster ducked under the sword's path before knocking Bludgeon's legs out from under him with his maces.

    "That all you got, decepticreep?" said Roadbuster.

    "You would wish so." snarled Bludgeon, scrambling to his feet. His entire body glowed for several seconds, and then he was joined on either side of him by two duplicates. The three Bludgeons raised their swords high then attacked.

    "I really need to keep my mouth shut" moaned Roadbuster, as he tried fight off Bludgeon's renewed assault.

    Meanwhile, Thunderwing, his fingers outstretched into claws, dodged a blow from Whirl. He avoided another swipe before digging his claws into the autobot's armour, draining energy from his systems. Whirl cried out in pain before falling limp to floor. He turned to Sixshot.

    "We have to get out of here! The moon will soon be leaving the saftey of the planet's shadow!" he cried.

    "So now you want to hurry?" snarled Sixshot. Rodimus used his opponent's distraction to ram him with his shoulder. Sixshot recoiled from the blow, but recovered and knocked Rodimus against the wall. He then rushed over to where Roadbuster and Bludgeon were fighting and knocked the autobot to the ground.

    "We have what we came for, leave these fools!" he growled. He transformed again into a fightercraft and rocketed out of the room through the tunnels. Thunderwing also transformed and followed after him. Bludgeon's two duplicates glowed then dissapeared. He then transformed into a tank and drove off after the other two decepticons, pausing to blast the rocks of the tunnel ceiling after him, sealing in the autobots.

    "Sorry I let the team down," said Whirl as Rodimus helped him back up.

    "It's alright, no decepticon is an easy opponent," replied Rodimus, "Roadbuster, dig us out of here."

    "Already on it," said Roadbuster, smashing away the rocks blocking the tunnel.

    By the time the autobots managed to escape the tunnels, the Decepticon ship was already beginning to take off. On the horizon, speeding towards them, was a wall of light where the gas giant's shadow ended. On the other side were temperatures no cybertronian could withstand.

    "We don't have time to get to our ship," said Rodimus, "Look's like we're going to have to hitchhike."

    Aboard the cruiser, Thunderwing was running the ship's sensors. "I have the Allspark's signal," he reported.

    "The Allspark is within our grasp," said Sixshot, "Follow it, towards the victory of the Decepticons!"

    "And mine," he added.