Animated Toys Been Cleared In Aussie For ROTF, Not Universe?

Discussion in 'Transformers News and Rumors' started by Starscreamer95, May 14, 2009.

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    Okay... so this is a kinda weak scource, but anyway...

    I just went to a K-Mart Store, checked the Transformers toy isle as always.
    Animated Leaders were $40 instead of the useual Australian $90 to $100.
    Other Animated toys were down preety low too. Universe was the same as always.
    Disapointed for the ninth time to see no ROTF toys at the store, so I asked an employe if they have any out the back. He looked out the back came back and said "in about 20 days we will. We're concentrating on the, I think, Animated toys... to be cleared." I asked him if he meant Universe, he said he'd ask his Boss. He came back with her and she said; "All K-Mart stores... across Australia are cutting down, or clearing the... Animated Toys. We're going to have a few left as the second movie toys come out, then it's just that and... umm, Universe".

    So that's preety much it. They could be getting the Universe Line to stay, or Animated the boot. She also asked for my number, saying that she would ask other K-Mart's, makeing sure her facts were clear, and then telling me. So I'll update this thread once I know.