2D Artwork: animated hound and smokescreen

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by Lord Ramulus, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Here are my latest endeavors...Animated Hound and Smokescreen.

    Smokescreen is a modified version of bumblebee, which made sense to me since they are both sports cars. i added some g1 throwbacks (the colors and helmet specifically) and added pipes and spoiler. Character wise he's still g1 Smokescreen.

    Hound, i took a little liberty with. Since Bulkhead stole g1 Hound's colors i went a different route. I also decided against the front-end chest, it made him look like a animated Jazz knockoff. As you can see I still worked in the front-end as the forearms. As a character, he is a forward observer/recon-scout (hence the antenna and headset on his head).

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