By Generation: Animated Blurr Leg Mod (For Added Articulation)

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    Hey gang, I know there are several persons interested in the leg modification for Transformers Animated Blurr. This leg mod was originally posted on the Allspark forum (Animated Blurr can get BETTER? - The Allspark Forums), and Spark did a great job explaining how to execute the mod. Our own Radicon TENIME_art performed this modification to his Animated Blurr as well and was really happy with the results. TENIME_art has been very kind and generous enough to take photos as well as share how he performed this modification. I'll let TENIME_art take over here:

    "For the mod, all three (3) screws and the lower blue panel need to be removed. After you pull the black part of the knee out, you can replace the blue panel and screws. I didn't remove this, because the screws are starting to strip, and I didn't want to have to glue the panel back on.

    . . . a 'before' picture:


    That's all the articulation you'll get before the mod.

    Here's the 'after':



    I wanted to show the extreme articulation you get after the mod.

    [Referencing the] before pics, [one] will be more than able to clearly see where to trim. There's a tab on the bottom, that also sticks out on the right (inner) side.

    The unmodified leg:


    Exploded view:


    The tab that needs shaving [image #1]:




    Once these are trimmed, simply replace the final screw, and voila!!"

    [Top view]:


    [Outer view]:


    [Inner leg]:


    Thanks to TENIME_art for taking the time to illustrate this tutorial and share his work with us!

    (thumbnail courtesy of's Resources and Pikatron)

    From Radicon chris24jc, this is a video walk-through of this modification:

    Animated Blurr - Bendy Knee Leg Mod

    YouTube - Animated Blurr leg mod EASY - adds poseability - Transformers

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