Animated Arcade Game SEGA Card Set of 95 (Protoman)

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    So I am parting with this crazy set of 95 unique cards from the Japan only Transformers Animated Arcade Game: The Shooting and The Chase. You only got these via the arcade machine after one play, at 500 yen a play (about $7USD) it would take a lot of money to amass 95 cards, let alone get the rare chase cards too. I am only asking $60 bucks for EVERYTHING

    Here is the full list of what you get from Series 1.0 to 3.0 in this full lot
    (Note Ironhide = Bulkhead in Japan)

    The Chase (Vehicle/Alt Modes) Cards
    A-011 - Midnight Jazz


    The Shooting (Robot Modes) Cards
    A-002 — Bumblebee
    A-003 — Ironhide
    A-004 — Ratchet
    A-007 — Chromia
    A-008 — Wreck-Gar
    A-010 — Autobot Jazz
    A-011 — Midnight Jazz
    A-012 — Autobot Blurr
    A-013 — Super Sonic Blurr
    A-018 — Grimlock (Chrome Rare)
    A-020 — Swoop
    A-026 — Samurai Prowl (Uncommon)
    A-028 — Jetfire (Chrome Rare)

    D-004 — Blackarachnia
    D-007 — Soundwave
    D-008 — Blackarachnia Elita One Ver.
    D-009 — Dirge
    D-014 — Thundercracker w/ Beam
    D-015 — Swindle
    D-022 — Oil Slick
    D-024 — Ramjet
    D-025 — Slipstream
    D-026 — Lockdown w/Saucer Edge Equipped)
    D-027 — Blazing Lockdown w/Saucer Edge Equipped
    D-028 — Desert Swindle

    The Chase (Vehicle/Alt Modes) Cards
    A-002 — Bumblebee
    A-003 — Ironhide
    A-006 — Arcee
    A-007 — Chromia
    A-008 — Wreck-Gar
    A-010 — Jazz
    A-011 — Midnight Jazz
    A-012 — Blurr
    A-020 — Swoop

    D-005 — Blitzwing
    D-007 — Soundwave
    D-010 — Shockwave (Chrome Rare)
    D-023 — Waspinator (Chrome Rare)
    D-025 — Slipstream

    The Shooting (Robot Modes) Cards
    A-002 — Bumblebee w/Ratchet
    A-003 — Ironhide w/Elite Guard Bumblebee
    A-004 — Ratchet w/Arcee
    A-006 — Arcee w/Ratchet
    A-007 — Chromia w/Ironhide
    A-011 - Midnight Jazz w/Samurai Prowl
    A-012 — Autobot Blurr w/Ultra Magnus
    A-017 — Cliffjumper w/Jetpack Bumblebee
    A-020 — Swoop w/Grimlock
    A-024 — Mudbuster Ironhide w/Jetpack Bumblebee
    A-025 — Jetpack Bumblebee w/Cliffjumper
    A-026 — Samurai Prowl w/Jazz (Uncommon)
    A-030 — Eco Wreck-Gar w/Ratchet
    A-034 — Snarl w/Thermal Mace Equipped w/ Grimlock

    D-004 — Blackarachnia w/Waspinator
    D-007 — Soundwave w/Lugnut
    D-009 — Dirge w/Slipstream
    D-012 — Skywarp w/ Ramjet (Chrome Rare)
    D-015 — Swindle w/Lockdown
    D-016 — Waspinator w/ Beam w/Blackarachnia
    D-021 — Soundblaster w/Lugnut
    D-022 — Oil Slick /Lockdown
    D-023 — Waspinator w/Blackarchnia (Chrome Rare)
    D-024 — Ramjet w/Dirge
    D-025 — Slipstream w/Skywarp
    D-026 — Lockdown w/Saucer Edge Equipped w/Swindle
    D-028 — Desert Swindle (Uncommon)
    D-032 — Grinder (Uncommon)

    The Chase (Vehicle/Alt Modes) Cards
    A-003 — Ironhide w/Elite Guard Bumblebee
    A-006 — Arcee w/Ratchet
    A-008 — Wreck-Gar w/Ratchet
    A-012 — Blurr w/Fluorescent Sentinel Prime
    A-014 — Elite Guard Bumblebee w/Ironhide
    A-017 — Cliffjumper w/Elite Guard Bumblebee
    A-019 — Snarl w/Swoop
    A-020 — Swoop w/Snarl
    A-024 — Mudbuster Ironhide w/Chromia
    A-025 — Jetpack Bumblebee w/Optimus Prime
    A-028 — Jetfire w/Jetstorm
    A-029 — Jetstorm w/Jetfire
    A-030 — Eco Wreck-Gar w/Ratchet
    A-032 — Fluorescent Sentinel w/Blurr (Chrome Rare)

    D-003 — Lockdown w/Swindle (Chrome Rare)
    D-005 — Blitzwing w/Lugnut
    D-006 — Lugnut w/Megatron
    D-007 — Soundwave w/Megatron
    D-011 — Blackout w/Oil Slick
    D-013 — Thundercracker w/Dirge
    D-015 — Swindle w/Lockdown
    D-020 — Atomic Lugnut w/Blitzwing
    D-021 — Soundblaster w/Atomic Lugnut and Ratbat
    D-022 — Oil Slick w/Blackout
    D-023 — Waspinator w/Blackarachnia (Chrome Rare)
    D-025 — Slipstream w/Sunstorm
    D-028 — Desert Swindle w/Lockdown

    Yup....... that's a lot of cards..... so hit me with a PM. I am going to leave this up for about a week or so. After that, I am going to put this on ebay, but I figure I will give the TFW fandom first dibs.

    - Protoman
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