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    Hello fellow collectors,

    I recently made a deal for a FT-Phoenix that I was going to trade with another seller. The second deal fell though and now I have a FT-Phoenix available for trade. I collect mostly masterpiece figs and would be willing to trade with someone for items of equal value. I also have a list of more trade bait below, if you want to mix and match. I am also located in Canada so we should definitely have a chat about shipping, eh?

    Things I am will to trade for:

    - Anything 3rd Party (FanToys, XT, Dx9, or BC)
    - specifically the FT Megatron or Lupus (I don't ask for much, right?), or a Springer, or maybe anything. You let me know what you have to trade.
    - A Siege Omega Supreme
    - A Walmart G1 Devastator TRADED FOR
    - Badcube Grump
    - Something cool (I may be game who knows?)

    Things I willing to trade with or make me an offer:

    - A sweet, sweet FansToys Phoenix/Jetfire SOLD
    - A really cool FansToys Dracula/Mindwipe SOLD
    - A thicc XT Eligos SOLD
    - KFC CrashHog/WreckGar SOLD
    - Two handsome Yes Model Headmasters (Chromedome and Hardhead) TRADED

    Let me know what you're offering. Maybe we can make a deal! If you really want some of these pieces, make me an offer.

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