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    This is a chance to showcase your inner Nostradamus... post your predictions that came true, and when you made them!

    I'll set this off with an OLD SCHOOL Beast Wars prediction I made on Alt.Toys.Transformers back in 1997!


    Disregarding the events in the G2 comic (although I agree the
    destruction of San Francisco would be a good reason to stop dealing with
    them), humans would have been wise to completely sever ties with
    Cybertronians once they invented Transwarp drives and therefore gained
    time-travel abilities. Why? Because hundreds of years down the line,
    some Decepticon-sympathiser would (not could, _would_) try to go back in
    time and prevent the Autobots from winning the conflict. That action
    _could_ result in the end of humanity. After all, if they reach Earth
    before the Ark, they could revive the 'cons but leave the 'bots
    deactivated. Or, even worse, they could go even further back and
    eliminate all the sentient life on Earth, leaving only the rich natural
    resources. They could intervene at critical points on behalf of the
    'cons to make them win the war--for instance, they could somehow prevent
    Hot Rod from seeing the hole in the shuttle in 2005 and warning Autobot
    City by attacking it, or destroy Optimus' shuttle when he tried to bring
    My point is that the Transwarp Drive would be a tremendous threat to
    humanity from a tactical standpoint. This also seems why the
    Cybertronian Elders classified so much of the information about the
    war. They wanted to prevent some lunatic from traveling back in time
    and changing the events of the past to alter the future. Of course,
    looking at the path the show is taking, it seems as if the Elders have

    --Jordan, wishing he could go back in time and take better care
    of his TFs.
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    repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened
    before."--Willa Cather

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    That's right, I predicted the plot twist of the Beast Wars Predacons attacking the Autobots in the past. I even pretty much called what they tried to do... reach the Earth before they revived and reactivate only 'cons. Except they were more proactive by trying to DEactivate Optimus Prime.

    ...Also... Damn, I have been in the online fandom for over 20 years. So long I don't even remember what the TF Code in my sig even meant anymore!

    You got any good ones?

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