An Unbreakable Bound [OC Eliza x TLK Optimus]

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    Before anyone starts hating, this story is based on how much I would care for Optimus Prime in TLK after all the things he has been through.

    Even after going through all the chaos of the never ending wars, the bond between me and Optimus Prime never breaks. I will stick by him through it all and risk it all to protect him and I know he will do the same for me.

    The war is finished, Quintessa was stopped and Earth was saved. I had dirt and sweat on my face, some cuts on my hands here and there but I was alive and so were the Autobots. I was sitting down collecting my thoughts, relieved that things were calming down. I started looking around looking for Optimus to see if he was alright. As I turned my head to the right, from a distance, I see Optimus standing there on the rocky hills alone. He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts after everything that has happened. I feel my own heart ache just seeing him there alone. He looked towards the sky for a moment, he did not speak a word. Seeing this play out made my heart hurt, so much that my soul is feeling the pain. I have been through these horrible battles with him, even if he told me to get away. I knew it was dangerous, I knew the Decepticons, Megatron or Quintessa herself would have killed me if they spotted me. That all did not matter to me, I wanted to be there for Optimus, I did not want him to feel alone. But here I am standing several feet away from him, watching as it seemed his soul was being ripped apart in front of him. I started to cry, as I watched him place his head in his hands. "What have I done to this planet...." I hear his voice, filled with pain. I slowly made my way towards him. I know I was hut myself, but I couldn't stand leaving him alone like this any longer. I look up at him, he doesn't notice me yet. I know I am just a human and not one of his kind, I know he is suffering on the inside, just like a human would if he/she has been through the worse all their lives. Tears were still falling from my cheeks, not a word said for another long minute until I build up the courage to speak. "O-Optimus?" I say with a stutter. It seemed I broke him from his thoughts as he slightly shook his head and looked down at me. "Eliza? What are you still doing here? It isn't safe.." He says to me in a worried tone. "It doesn't matter.. It never did. I just wanted to stay by your side, because I felt your pain" I say as I tried to hold back my sobs. Prime sat down, and it was clear he was broken. "I have caused all this, how could forgive me for what I have done to your home?.. I brought all this here the moment me and my Autobots came here for the AllSpark.." He explained to me. I can tell by his expression that he felt sad. "Megatron, started the whole Cybertron war though, I remember when you told me the story." I told him as I more tears poured from my eyes. "I know.." His words seem to trail off as he looked down. "I almost killed my best friend, Bee.. And I almost hurt you..I do not know if I could live with myself knowing I came close to hurting you both and the rest of my family.." I looked at him with my eyes full of tears. I have never seen him open up like this before. The whole time I have known him, he always seemed so serious and strong. I even saw his softer side, his kind, loving and caring side. I remember when I saw him smile when I first met him. But I knew all too well that he has been through things all his life that I could not even imagine myself going through. It seemed like I was the only one who truly cared for how he is feeling, rather than where he is most of the time. Here I am with him, witnessing him break down like this. I felt so hurt that no one stuck by him to make him feel happy for once. "Optimus.." I say as I climbed onto his leg and sat on his knee. "Optimus, look at me.." I say as I was crying softly. He slowly lifted his head him, his optics now locking with my eyes. I can see that he felt so lost and empty.. "You have been through so much, and you are worn. Quintessa was mind controlling you to do those things. Worn minds are sometimes easy to manipulate..Don't beat yourself up over something that she did. I am so sorry for everything that has happened to you Prime.." I say, trying to comfort him with everything I have left in me. He scooped me into his hand and held me closer to his face. I can see the marks on his face plates, it still hurts me to see the damage that was done to him. I just wanted to make it all better for him, no matter what risks I have to take. His bright blue optics locked with my eyes again. "Maybe you are right, Eliza.. I have been through a lot with all these wars, losing many of my friends and watching my own home fall apart with my own optics. My life was nothing but struggle ever since Megatron betrayed us all.. I am glad that I still have many of my friends that did managed to survive." He says. I tried to swallow my urge to sob again, my mind racing still, and my heart still aching. "I am glad you opened up to me, Prime, I wanted to know how you are really feeling." I say to him. I can see in his optics that felt a little more at ease from my words. "I am so sorry to have put you through all of this, Eliza. I know you deal with things in your own life, and it hurts me that I have put you through all this stress knowing you had things to deal with on your own." He says to me. "Well, out of the storm comes the most amazing things.. Meeting you was one of those amazing things, at least for me. I always felt this connection with you ever time we spoke. Yes, my life was a wreck before but going through all of this came a lesson on its own for me. It's that, even if you don't believe it, see it or feel it, you are way stronger than you think. Do you feel weak and broken at times? Yes, and that is ok" I paused for a bit to let Optimus think about my statement. I then continued, "Optimus, you are a great leader, a strong warrior and a pure soul, but do not feel guilty for feeling broken, it makes you an even better leader if you show that it is ok to feel lost at times, and it is ok to open up to the ones who worry about you. I understand fully on why you acted the way you have been through out this whole situation." Prime started to smile a little as I spoke and that made pause my words for that very moment. "Thank you, Eliza, for always believing in me. And thank you for the times you have saved my life..I truly owe you a lot. I promise to always protect you, and I will always be by your side from now until infinity. Our worlds must come together now if we wish to survive." He says to me, his voice sounding more soft and sweet. I smiled softly, and so did he. This was the very first time I have seen him smile since that night in the alley years ago. I reached out and placed my hand on his cheek plates. I felt a calming sensation from feeling his warm against my hand. He is a real living being, with a soul like us humans do and he deserves to be treated with love, care and respect. "And, Optimus, I wanna say this. You are a living being, with a soul like us humans. Yes you can say you are a Prime, but do not let that get you into thinking you have to be this flawless being, because there is no such thing as flawless, or perfect I should say. Perfect can mean different things, what you see as perfect could mean something else to someone else. You make mistakes, and so do I and so does your friends and family. We are not meant to be perfect, in my eyes, you are everything that perfect means to me. You never failed me, ever, you did save us all by preventing Quintessa from destroying earth. Things will calm down over time, you just have to give it that time" I say to him, my hand still pressing against his cheek plates. He smiled fully, keeping his optics locked with my eyes. "Thank you, so very much, Eliza. Your heart is truly pure." He says to me sweetly. I smiled again, "And I promise the same for you, I will always be by your side, and I would risk it all to protect you." I finally say. The whole time, the things around us were calm, no more explosions, shooting or fighting. The soldiers and Autobots surrounded us in awe of our moment. Then Optimus said something that made me feel something I have not felt before in my life. "Eliza, I love you, I love infinitely" My eyes stopped wandering as I looked at him again. Tears of not sadness, but joy filled my eyes. "I love you infinitely too, Optimus Prime." I smiled and he held me closer, allowing me to hug his cheek plates. The others around us kept the silence, letting this moment happen between me and Optimus. "Promise me that you will keep the faith, cause I will do the same" Prime says. "I will, I always will" I replied. "You are the best thing that ever happened to me, Eliza, always remember that" He adds. I looked into his optics once more. "And you are the best thing that ever happened to me, Optimus, always remember that" I smiled as I felt peace for the first time in a long time, and I could tell he felt the same way. The sun was setting as me and Optimus stayed there on the rocky hills watching the sun set over the horizon. The others started to leave, letting us enjoy our time together just a little while longer. No matter how bad things get, our bond will never break, and our love remains endless.