An idea to rewrite AOE

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    This is just a concept rewrite of AOE that takes out the Creators and makes Lockdown work for the Decepticons.

    There are still Decepticons existing after the fallout from DOTM. And they hire Lockdown to hunt down all Autobots (and especially Optimus Prime) for the death of Cybertron and their genocide.

    The Seed is a cyberforming tool which was intended to purge worlds of organic life, and structure their ecosystem to enable mechanical life to grow. Without the AllSpark to grant souls, this life is simply artificial and amounts to drones that need time to develop sparks of their own... so this makes them very easily possessed by a specific Transformer that still lives on after decapitation.

    If anyone noticed AOE had a distinctly RoboCop vibe, what with a main character being brought back to life by profiteers. So I’d have Attinger be Dick Probert and Lockdown be Clarence Boddiker

    The deal these two have is as follows: Lockdown goes around hunting down Autobots with full support and no trouble from human authority, and in return Attinger gets the corpses for KSI and the Seed upon finding Optimus Prime, which will secure him a military contract.

    Attinger allows Lockdown to stay on earth since he needs Decepticon activity to keep his robot army relevant. This makes him a traitor akin to Dylan Gould, however his treachery is based on him manipulating his people and allies for a profit.

    Joshua’s “we don’t need you anymore” statement to Optimus Prime is more coldhearted, since the robot army makes the Decepticons now more valuable than the Autobots.

    Lockdown and Galvatron never meet each other, so nothing happens there.

    All the rest of AOE plays out as in the film.

    What do you think of it? Does it sound okay?
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    Honestly, what you're changing doesn't really affect the film all to much, it really just adds Cons, changes actors, and gets rid of Galvatron.

    I'll stick with the iriginal