2D Artwork: An eye for an eye...or optic

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    Springer - from Maelstrom Chapter 35 The Longest Night

    Art and story - mine...trying a different style here. I wanted it to be more stark and simple. Or should I go back to the more realistic stuff?

    Eclipse is mine too - a pawn of Vector Sigma's.

    Transformers characters - Hasbro's

    Except from the pages of Maelstrom - 9 full B&W comics and a few thousand pages of fan-fiction. Rated M for violence and language - not slash.
    http://illmatar.deviantart.com/ I can't post them here - too violent.


    Springer watched his mate’s head fall to her chest and redoubled his trashing against his bonds. When one of the masked kidnappers came close to him, he lunged viciously at them. They jumped and yelped in shock.

    “You cowards!” he roared. “You are lower than those yellow-bellied Decepticons!” Of course, with the metal gag around his mouth and jaw all they heard was incoherent gurgling.

    Eclipse suddenly stood over him and pushed him back into the wall with one foot. He spoke low into Springers audio receptor.

    “You were always a feisty construct Wrecker. I designed you that way. Not too smart though...not bright enough to see the inevitable. I will use your mate and you to discredit your precious Primes. I will use rumors of your unborn to cause a new civil war between the Paradronians and the Autobots. My old form is gone, but this one will serve for the moment. I’m sure the Decepticons would like to be part of things around here again, but this time I will make sure they destroy Earth from the outset. Time for you to get sick Wrecker. Time for you to be my agent of fear. Transformers are always so easy to control when they’re afraid.”

    He grabbed Springer’s head and tilted it back. Then he dribbled gel around Springer’s mouth and up the side of his face to his right optic.

    Springer felt the burning begin and roared again for his mate who had been exposed for so much longer already.

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