Alternators & RiD boxes

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    Aug 3, 2002
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    I am currently in the process of clearing out my closet and multiple older TF boxes are about to be trashed. But before doing so, I wanted to ask here, whether there is a demand for them.

    The following boxes will be trashed:
    Robots in Disguise (European packaging):
    Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Megatron and Skybyte

    Alternators (US packaging):
    Smokescreen, Sideswipe, Silverstreak, Autobot Hound, Dead End (blue box)
    Tracks, Meister (red box)
    Autobot Skids, Sunstreaker, Optimus Prime, Mirage, Ravage, Rumble (bubble box)

    Let me remind you that I'm located in Germany. So sending empty boxes overseas is probably quite expensive.