By Generation: Alternators Prime Leg Extension Tutorial(s) Thread

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    Enjoy. I explained it the best I could. If you have any further questions please ask them at the above link and I will do my best to provide pictures to better show what I did.

    Also, please fell free to post pics of your Mod if you follow this plan or alter it, here, so that others may be able to have additional options.


    EDIT: The link no longer works, so I've copied the images (I had saved them to my computer) into this thread and have tried to explain them as best I could. I hope its good enough. -REDLINE

    Alright. Here's the best way I can tell you all what to do and the easiest way to go about it. First I would like to thank Gryph for his help in making these color coded diagrams. He put up with alot of my nip picking so please remember to thank him as well if you implement this onto one of your Alt Prime molds. I also want to state that the diagrams are NOT measurement accurate to the T. Make sure when making your Lock lines (Green) that you hold your thigh pieces flush under the top stop piece and mark your lines for when you make your clip grooves.

    Now onto the color coding and what they represent.

    Red: New or extended Track areas

    Yellow: Stop Walls that need to be cut or broken out so that the track will be able to move forward freely.

    Blue: The side Areas that have raised surfaces that need to be sanded down with a sanding tool of some type or Dremel or cut out/off with a Scalpel.

    Green:This is the area you need to make grooves in to allow the legs to lock into place.

    White: This is the areas that needs to be filled in with Resin or Epoxy before you make you clip lines (Green)

    Purple: This is a part of the wheel well details that are located on the inside of the legs halves you see Below. It is also the area you need to fill up to with resin or epoxy. Just make it flush with the Tracks line without overfilling. Doing so will fill in the track lines and you don't want that as your legs will not clip back down into place in vehicular mode.



    Grey: This area is the only one that is a bit different then the rest due to it being the area that the other leg plugs into when Transforming into vehicular mode.You will need to sand down and smooth out with a dremel or cut off with a scalpel so you can refill it in flush and flat with the rest of that area so you can add your clip groove lines.


    In the picture above you'll notice it too is a bit different in the white area. Just like the other white areas fill it with your substance of choice. It won't need much to fill it but make sure it's flush and flat with the rest of it's surrounding area.

    I want to thank Gryph for his help in doing this diagram for you people.

    If there is any further questions please fell free to ask them here and I will do my best to provide pictures that will help further explain what is needed to do. I did take step by step pictures all day just in case but this should make it easy for you to do with just the diagram. Once you take your legs apart I'm sure you'll understand what I explained without further need of more explanations.

    Once you are done with all of this make sure that the White area one the opposite side of the Slide tracks (Other side of the red line) has some sort of filling to make a Wall so when you slide the legs out it'll hold it well in place. You will need to build this wall yourself as there isn't one there until you do.

    Here is a few pics of the Completed parts. Should give you an even better general idea...



    hope it helps and please fell free to show off your mods once your done and mention any chances that you did different then I so that others can have additional options.

    Oh, in the pics you see of the final product you'll see alot of white. I used Styrene pieces or sheets to finish mine.

    Enjoy!! I have done 4 Prime molds all the same and none have given me problems. Each modification to each mold took about 1-2 hrs. After while of doing this it just gets easier and takes alot less time. A pro should be able to do one Prime Mod within 1/2 an hour.



    REDLINE- There's also a mod out there that makes the thighs look longer and the shins look shorter, but you're not actually changing the length of anything. I've seen it done by several people, but the one for-sure name that comes to mind is sodawilly. He used this mod for his Inferno and Grapple customs. I didn't see any info on these anywhere, but I figured it out easily enough just looking at his images in our gallery to use on my Longhaul. I figured I would add this info the the leg tutorials thread for anyone else who might want to do this mod.

    This is a very simple mod, and all you need to complete it is 1) hobby saw or knife, and 2) screwdriver (precision Phillips-head). First, take the three (3) screws out of one of the shins. Now, pull the two halves apart. Put one of the halves back on to the thigh so you can see where the knee joint sits. You should notice that there are only two (2) cuts to make per leg. On the outer shin half, the flap on the bed side does all we need it to do. So, we only need to cut a small square off the front of the leg. On the inner shin half is where the larger cut has to be made.

    Basically, looking from the bed side of the inner shin half, you can see that the cut-away that the rear knee flap sits in is narrower at the bottom than the top. In fact, the upper section of this cut-away goes all the way to the edge of the leg half. Where the narrow and the wide portions of the cut-away meet is where we make our first cut. Looking at the part from the inside, you'll see a molded line right about this same point. Use the two as your guide to cut the inner side of the inner leg half.


    Now, from the place your blade broke through the front of the leg piece, cut across the front of the inner shin piece, parallel with those round "tube" molded details until you've cut to the end. Your cut should be just under the middle of the bottom two (2) "tubes".


    Now hold the outer shin half together with the inner shin half and make a mark (pen or pencil) on the front side where your second cut is on the inner half piece. Now, holding just the outer piece, make a cut from the rear (bed side) using the front of the bed (back top of leg) as your guide to cut down the front of the shin piece. Stop when you reach your mark, and then cut across the front of this piece along the mark you made earlier. That's it! Just repeat this process for the other leg. It's a really simple mod, only taking you a few minutes to accomplish.

    OPTIONAL: If you want the front of the shins to still be the front of the robot, you can optionally cut across the top of the shin-guard (the rotating piece that folds in half) so that it stops flush with your new cut.

    Another advantage to this mod is not only the new leg look, but yet ANOTHER leg option: you can trim down the front top of the kneecap so that it's round like the rear of the kneecap piece so that you can bend it in either direction, and then you can simply do a waist twist to have the BACK of the legs be the FRONT!




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