By Generation: Alternators Modifications List

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    for easier acces and to promote my new found hobby here's a list:

    Rx-8 door clip mod by plowking


    clip holes near speaker onto the door clips on shoulders. i saw one of his customs and immediately noticed this. no drilling required.

    Subaru Wrx/Wrc door mod. i saw this one from clay's goldbug door mod but i wanted to have the wheels infront.



    required item:

    1) any magnet preferably small enough to fit inside that hole next to the screw hole on the arm. that's it.

    i got one from a mag warrior mercenary.

    for this mod, no drilling is required.
    1) the magnets on the mag warriors are can be easily popped out with a screw driver. each one of its joints has a magnet. the one for elbows fit perfectly.
    2) insert magnet in the hole as per the pic.
    3) both doors on the subaru mold already has a metal rivet which you can use to place the doors on the subaru mold arms.


    dodge ram- leg extension- tfmaster
    included are videos from clay
    Honda civic arm mod: there are multiple mods out there.

    all located in one thread.

    a new one from lucs.

    props to clay, manyufacture and lucs.

    posting more later. hopefully this'll be stickied on this forum by the mods...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.