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    Looking to clean up my collection a bit and have some stuff for sale. I will accept cash for local pick up and cash or paypal for shipping items out. Ofcourse there will be additional charge for shipping and the use of paypal (2.3%). All loose toys were just transform for display and never played with and are in mint condition. I can send pictures upon request. You can leave me a PM or txt me at 604-617-1853

    Jazz / Meister (loose but complete) $30
    Shockwave / Shockblast (MISB) $60
    Optimus Prime (loose missing gun) $25

    G1 & G2 Reissues:
    Hasbro Skywarp (MISB) $40
    Hasbro Thundercracker (MISB) $40
    Hasbro Hoist (MISB) $30
    KO Black Optimus Prime (MIB) $60
    Takara Laser Optimus Prime (MISB) $70
    Takara E-Hobby Laser Ultra Magnus (MISB) $90

    Armada & Cybertron/Galaxy Force:
    Armada Unicron (loose complete) $40
    Takara Galaxy Force Starscream (MIB) $50
    Takara Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy / Metroplex (MIB) $80
    Takara Galaxy Force Sonic Bomber / Wing Saber (MIB) $70
    Cybertron Soundwave Mint Cond. (loose complete) $40
    Cybertron Primus (MIB) $55
    Cybertron Sideways (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Jolt Minicon Team (MOC) $7
    Cybertron Unicron (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Red Scrapmetal / Rumble (MOC) $10
    Cybertron Yellow Scrapmetal / Rumble (MOC) $10
    Cybertron Lugnutz (MOC) $10
    Cybertron Excellion (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Defense Red Alert (MIB) $40
    Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (MOC) $15 (on hold)
    Cybertron Defense Scattershot (MIB) $30
    Cybertron Dark Crumplezone (MIB) $30
    Cybertron Starscream (Dirge Colour) (loose complete) $30
    Cybertron Thunderscracker (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Skywarp (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Ransack (MOC) $5
    Cybertron Evac (MIB) $30
    Cybertron Crosswise (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Clocker (MOC) $5
    Cybertron Brakedown (MOC) $5 on hold
    Cybertron Override GTS (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Override (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Optimus Prime (MIB) $50
    Cybertron Galvatron (MIB) $50
    Cybertron Leobreaker (MIB) $30
    Cybertron Thunderblast / Chromia (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Dirt Boss / Inch Up (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Hot Shot (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Landmine (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Scattershot (MOC) $5 on hold
    Cybertron Armorhide (MOC) $5
    Cybertron Red Alert (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Snarl (MOC) $15
    Cybertron Overhaul (MOC) $10 on hold
    Cybertron Scourge (MIB) $30

    Henkei Minibot Team C-18 (MISB) $30 on hold
    Starscream Mighty Mug (MISB) $25
    Movie Stealth Bumblebee (MISB) $25
    Botcon 2007 Weirdwolf (MISB) $90
    Robot Masters RM-02 Beast Megatron (MISB) $40
    Robot Masters Skywarp & Thundecracker (MISB) $90
    WST Megatron (MISB) $15
    WST Optimus Prime vs. Megatron VSX giftset (MISB) $30
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    Do you still have the Cybertron Galvatron?