By Generation: Alternator License Plate Template - I figured it out and I'm Sharing!!!

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Dark_Convoy, Nov 25, 2005.

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    So I did some good old fashioned measuring and math, and here is what I came up with: at 300dpi, an Alternators’ license plate should be about 130 pixels wide by 65 pixels high, and I have included a blank Oregon license plate of proper size with this post, to put lettering on it use a 6 point font, "Ariel Narrow" works pretty well.



    Also, for other plates, check out LICENSE PLATES OF THE WORLD they have plates from all over the world and with a little Photoshop you can edit and re-size them for your alts!

    For 20th Prime, 114 pixels wide by 57 pixels high should give you a plate that will fit his front bumper, I included a file for Prime as well!

    Have fun making your own Alternators Plates!

    From Rod:

    I stumbled across this website a few months ago, and I've been using it to make custom plates for Alts and stuff. You can choose any state, just about any year/design and just type your own words and it'll appear as a jpeg.

    ACME License Maker

    I'm figuring these are the same size (when printed) as the repro stickers, my measurements were based on the space on the back of alt Hound where the license plate should be, as far as the size difference between Windcharger's and Sideswipe's "plates" they are not really the size of license plates, but are the size of the space the plates go into. Hasbro (and Takara) just decided to fill that entire area.

    Here is what I mean, look at this picture of a real s2000 and compare it to the picture above with my printed plate of Decepticharge. In real life the plate does not take up the entire space:


    Here is another example with a Viper, as you can see, it's the same deal, and the plate does to take of the entire space:


    In other words, the Repro plates (and mine) are the proper size.

    From Acadian Prime:

    I'm the one who designed all the Alternator plates for them. I based the size off of Silverstreak's front and back plate as well as 20th Optimus Prime
    The Reprolabels plate stickers are sized to match the Alternator toys and the 20th anniversary Optimus Prime, although his are slightly smaller. Most, if not all current Alternator toys are based on vehicles that are available in the US, therefore all plate measurements are scaled down to 1/24 from the real thing. There should be no problem fitting those stickers on your Alternator toy.

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