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    Most of the Transformer toys I own are G1. I used to own a broken G1 Galvatron as a child, but I didn't like it. I didn't like the gray color and it was oversized. I did like Titans Galvatron with the Toyhax helmut and it really blends with my collection. It really goes grew with G1 Cyclonus and G1 Scourge. The original Duocons seemed rather unimpressive because they lacked hands, feet, and articulation . However, the recent Duocon toys (Power of the Primes and Siege) were rather impressive alternative.

    Overall, I prefer having a G1 figures over a modern remake, unless if I was unimpressed with the G1 figure or if the G1 figure is too expensive. To be frank, I don't care about the million different versions of Devastator out there and I'm satisfied enough with my Walmart G1 reissue, but to each their own. Are there any others that people would recommend? I'm interested in alternatives to the G1 Targetmasters and G1 Headmasters given that the originals are too expensive. One can't buy G1 Megatron anymore. The 1984 Megatron normally cost a few hundreds now. Are there any Chinese KO Megatrons that go into gun mode that anyone would recommend (aside from the masterpiece version)?
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    For clarifications sake, what is the overall goal of your collection? Because the Generations line is basically what you described with many of its newer figures basically being straight redos of G1 figures but with articulation. The earlier Classics/Universe figures tended to be more reimaginings.
    Unless you want it to have primarily G1 molds? In which case, Walmart's reissues like your Devastator should do the trick.
    Otherwise I'm not quite sure what you're after.
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    Here are photos of various G1 toys with modern toys from my collection to give you a sense of scale in both modes.

    Figures I recommend:

    Masterpiece Cassettes and Grapple.
    Fansproject Stunticons.
    Maketoys Technobots.
    CW Constructicons.
    KFC cassettes.
    Robotmasters Mirage
    Most Titans Return figures apart from deluxe cars though Kup and Blurr look good in vehicle mode with the G1 cars.
    POTP Rodimus Prime, Tailgate, Windcharger, Outback.
    CW Leader Seekers.
    Siege Seekers.
    Device Label Optimus Prime and Blaster. Prime is the G1 toy with a cartoon accurate head sculpt and Blaster scales nicely with G1 Soundwave and can also accommodate G1 and Masterpiece cassettes.

    20200413_133118.jpg 20200412_170402.jpg 20200410_202128.jpg 20200410_114307.jpg 20200328_132344.jpg 20200328_122738.jpg 20200318_205611.jpg 20200318_205553.jpg 20200317_200836.jpg 20200317_200714.jpg 20200315_170205.jpg 20200313_184533.jpg 20200308_205714.jpg 20200308_205246.jpg 20200125_133054.jpg 20200125_132336.jpg 20200112_171506.jpg 20200105_212825.jpg 20191109_210726.jpg 20190911_223030.jpg 20190907_161845.jpg 20190830_211319.jpg 20190829_150922.jpg 20190823_205544.jpg 20190823_192536.jpg 20190728_223452.jpg 20190617_193600.jpg 20190302_133654.jpg 20190203_171413.jpg 20181208_235335.jpg 20181208_234016.jpg 20181202_224615.jpg 20181130_224651.jpg 20181121_115343.jpg 20181118_224442.jpg 20181101_103839.jpg 20181022_230157_001.jpg 20180827_213129.jpg 20180821_204114.jpg 20180816_225536.jpg 20180729_205925.jpg

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    These are the substitutes for the non-HasTak G1 toys--
    *Generations Leader Jetfire (use him as a G1 toy. Use the Siege Jetfire for the CHUG)
    *Generations Voyager Roadbuster
    *Genearations Voyager Whirl
    *MP-29+ Shockwave (darker purple) (use him as a G1 toy. Use the Fanstoys FT-03 or FT-03T Quakewave for the CHUG)
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