Alt Streak, SL Kicker, Ravage Guns, Windcharger KC

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Here is some extra stuff I have for sale. Shipping included for US residents.

    MISB Alternators Silverstreak - Sealed box has signs of shelf wear (dents in front & top) but Streak is intact. PUT ON eBAY

    MIB Superlink Microman Kicker - The left bicep split in two. It was superglued back together so movement is restricted. The left shoulder also has a small noticeable crack. Just needs a new a whole new left arm (pop off at shoulder) and he is good as new. This item was briefly displayed and put back in box. Good for parts or repair. Minty chrome sword included. $10 OBO.

    G1 Howlback/Ravage Cassette Weapons Brand New - I had 2 Cobalt error packs which I sold a while back. Becasue Takara never confirmed my request for replacement weapons, I was surprised to get 2 pair of left & right weapons for Howlback a few weeks ago. These items have never been removed from the baggies. Great for anyone missing guns for a vintage G1 Ravage. $10 OBO for each pair.

    G1 Windcharger Keychain - This item was transformed twice and put back in the box (which is in great shape). GONE