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    The TFW2005.COM board rule that applies here:

    8. No Website Advertising or Personal Ads
    Any posts or threads solely to promote a website or store, Transformers related or not, will be removed. This includes making posts with the intended purpose of promoting your own web endeavors such as review sites. You may place a link in your signature. The more you contribute to threads, the more exposure your site will get. If you wish to share your reviews, please post the entire content in the review here (text, video, pics, etc) for the community to interact with. Links to the source can then be placed at the end of the content. Personal ads looking for roommates, dates or “vote for me in this contest” will also be removed.​

    Review all forum rules here:

    **Sales threads go in the following respective forums:**

    • EBay auctions: EBay threads do NOT go in this forum. We already have MULTIPLE places for selling artwork on our board. These go in the Transformers On Ebay Forum. Any threads with Ebay links will be moved. Continuing to post Ebay threads in this forum after being informed to post in the correct forums will result in formal Warnings and then Infractions. Also, members have the option of using an eBay avatar to advertise their eBay auctions. As the rules state, signatures may be used as well.
    • Creative Sales: Due to demand, we expanded the Creative Forums to include sales in the Creative Marketplace.
    • We have two (2) distinctive places for this. Commissioner Listing and Feedback is designated for those who actively take on commissions. Parts for kitbashing or even completed customs can also be posted in The Junk Pit. ​

      REVIEW THE STICKY THREAD FOR THOSE RULES. There is a specific set of rules designated for such. Failure to abide by those rules can result in your permanent ban from TFW2005.COM.

    • Junkion Exchange: The designated forum for all sales for our site since before we expanded the Creative Forums is The Junkion Exchange Items for Sale. This is the designated area for members to sale items in their possession only.

    Feel free to use any of these areas for your artwork sales. ONLY use these areas for actual sales. Each of these areas have been created to help artists get their work into the hands of fans for whatever is agreed upon. Customs, Fan Art, and Creative General Discussion are showcase and discussion forums only.

    Thanks in advance for adherence to these rules as well as helping us keep things in their properly designated places!

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