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    I typically don't need boxes or accessories. Rough-to-poor condition is usually okay, as long as you're honest about the problems.

    Alternators boxes only (with inner plastic packaging)
    - Windcharger (or remold Decepticharge)
    - Wheeljack (or remold Grimlock)
    - Skids (or remold Broadcast)

    Blaster (2016)

    Titans Return
    Blaster (2016)

    Bumblebee 2015
    Ironhide 2018 (Wei Jiang MPP-27 oversized version)
    Megatron 2.0 2017 or KOs 2018
    Optimus Prime MPM (fixed KO by Legendary Toys) 2018
    Wheeljack 2015

    Movie Advanced Series AD12 Revenge Optimus Prime (redeco of 2010 Transformers Battle Blades Optimus Prime) (2014)

    3rd parties
    • Astrotrain: Toyworld Evila Star 2015, DX9 Chigurh 2015, Machine Boy Space Roamer 2015
    • Brawn: Badcube Brawny 2015, Final Victory (part of a giftpack called "Three Mighty Warriors") 2019
    • Bluestreak: Newage Kitt 2019
    • Bumblebee: Newage Flipper 2018, KBB MCS-02 Hornets Agent (Newage Flipper upscale to deluxe w/ improvements) 2019
    • buses: Toy Pudding CarBot Bus 2015 combines with cars but I only need the bus, Toy Pudding (I've also seen Sonokong listed as manufacturer) Carbot Patron 2017 school bus that combines with a police car, but I just need school bus
    • Chromedome: Fansproject Code 2015
    • Dinobots: DX9 War in Pocket 2017 (or Mech Fans Toys 2018 upscaled KOs, better colors, perhaps slightly improved transformations)
    • Galvatron: DX9 Tyrant 2015, FansToys Sovereign 2017, Open and Play Big Cannon 2017
    • Genesis Megatron and Playstation Optimus 2015
    • Hot Rod: DX9 Carry 2015
    • Hound: Maketoys Gundog 2015
    • Ironhide: Mech Planet Iron Tin 2017, Newage McCoy 2019
    • Jazz: Maketoys Downbeat 2017, Transform & Rollout Hova Agent Meister 2018, Newage Manero H02M G1 toy colors 2019 or Stepper repaint Capoeira 2019
    • Laserbeak or Buzzsaw: MMC Ocular Max 2017
    • Lockdown: Unique Toys Peru Kill 2017
    • matrix of leadership:
      • BTS-03 (add-on kit for G1 Optimus) 2010
      • Shadow Fisher matrix (plastic reproduction of MP10 matrix w/ LED, slight changes to mold & color) 2016
      • Botcon 1994 keychain (fits G1 Optimus)
      • came with Mech Fan Toys MF-07 Galvontron 2017
    • Megatron:
      • Xtransbots Appolyon 2015
      • Warbotron Tyrant?
      • MakeToys Despotron 2016
      • Bold Forms Gladius the Dark Emperor 2017
      • DX9 Mightron 2016 or KO MechFansToys MF-Zero Megotroun (whichever is best)
      • ZhanJiang (or Zhan Jiang) Mechanic Master (misspelled Mechinic Master on box) 2017 (ko upsize of Generation Toys Tyrant),
      • Takara MP-36 2017
      • Wei Jiang NE-01 New Evolution MegaMaster w/ Laserbeak that transforms into the scope (oversized hybrid of Masterpiece MP-36 & Appolyon) 2017
      • New Age H9 Agamemnon 2020 legends scale
      • Magic Square 2020 legends scale
    • Menasor: TransFormMission M-01 2017?, Xtransbots 2019, DX9 2019 (don't need motormaster), Fanstoys 2019
    • Mirage: MMC Sphinx 2016
    • Octane: Unique Toys Provider 2015
    • Optimus Prime: Wei Jiang oversized Evasion Mode KO 2016, Unique Toys Challenger 2018, Hasbro Studio Series #38 Voyager Optimus Prime from Bumblebee Movie 2019
    • Powerglide: DX9 Richthofen 2017 (or the KO: ArtofDuplication Deformation Glider 2018)
    • Prowl: Magic Square 2019, Hot Soldiers 2019
    • Ravage: MMC Ocular Max Jaguar 2016
    • Rumble/Frenzy: MMC Ocular Max 2018
    • Skids: X-Transbots Savant 2018
    • Sludge: Fanstoys Stomp 2016
    • Slugfest & Overkill: KFC Overslay 2014, Robot Hero Durden & Barney 2017
    • Scorpion tape: KFC Scorpinator (yellow & black, a convention exclusive w/ 500 run, better tape mode details between this and original paint Stinger) 2016
    • Scourge: XTransbots Andras 2016
    • Snarl: Fanstoys Sever 2015?, Gigapower Guttur (metallic 2017, chrome 2016)?
    • Soundwave tablet: 2016 SDCC
    • Throttlebots: Toyworld or oversized KO (all released in 2017). Get Grind Rod (green Jeep) 2012, Shinebug (yellow car) 2015, and Trace (red car) 2014. Don't get the orange torso, Highway (blue car, too many parts pop off on both Toyworld & KO and it doesn't look all that good), or Aurora (white car, same engineering as Grind Rod).
    • Trailbreaker: Magic Square 2018
    • Unicron: Zeta Core Star
    • Warpath: BadCube Veteran Wardog 2016, FansToys Sheridan 2020
    • Wheeljack: Toyworld Whiskey Jack 2018

    - Masterpiece Skywarp: add Hasbro paint apps to iGear version

    - My 2012 Donnie doesn't have eyeballs. The repaint in 2017, "Tech Donnie" from the "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" line (series 20) has eyeballs, and this version seems to have little value. Buy it and do a head swap. This head also came w/ 2017 "Donnie's Patrol Buggy".
    - Comic Con Usagi Yojimbo 2017
    - Revoltech (hopefully a Mike that can hold its weapons) 2014
    - Good Smiles Leonardo statue 2015
    - MegaBloks Collector Series 2016 (Krang wo/ rest of his set, a turtle, Bebop, Rocksteady, Foot Soldier, Shredder, April ONeil)
    - Mondo The First Turtle Figure 2016 (black & white)
    - NECA SDCC 2017 (reissued Target exclusive 2019) turtles (only some Target turtles come with turtle-com), Shredder, Krang, and Foot soldier (turtles are repaints of SDCC 2016, Shredder is remold, foot must be a repaint or remold)
    - SH Figuarts TMNT 2016. All sculpts are 100% identical. The only difference is in the accessories, and Mikey comes with the only nice accessory, the grapling hook.
    - Sideshow statue Leonardo 2017
    - NECA SDCC 2018 exclusive (reissued as a Gamestop exclusive in 2019) 7" Jim Henson 1990 movie turtles. No special accesories in the set (other than weapons, alternative hands, and spare bandanas). Weapons are flimsy and only Leo and Raph have a place to store their weapons, so I'd get those. Mikey and Don have to shove their weapons in their belts which seems so dicey (Gamestop Don comes with extra strings to hold the bo, but it's a real string you have to loosen and tighten, so seems like a pain), especially Mikey's flimsy nunchuks where the strings will break (Gamestop has slightly stronger string).
    - Batman vs TMNT 2019 - Leo has the most classic knee/elbow pads, but has that super muscle look. Donatello comes with a turtle-com and most normal proportions. Also Shredder (2020) looks good.
    - NECA Target Exclusive 2020: Bebop, Rocksteady, Leatherhead, cartoon Slash
    - Super 7 figures, any of the turtles 2020. Modern updates of the original toys.

    other figures
    - Mezco Toyz Raiden 2015
    - Neca Weird Al 2016
    - Sideshow Collectibles Baroness 1/6th scale 2014
    - Sideshow Collectibles Destro 1/6th scale 2014
    - Storm Collectibles Ryu - Special Edition Blue Version 2017

    Cybertronian The Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide: Beast Wars Volume 1
    Transformers Generations 2010
    Transformers Generations 2011: Volume 2

    acquired, but waiting on
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    San Antonio, Texas
    I have a Provider if you're interested.
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    I have an extra Evasion Prime