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    Does anyone else think Wikipedia is too aggressive in their 'demands' or 'pleas' for readers to donate with the sob story that they're a not for profit and need money to keep operating. It seems to be happening more frequently as we near the end of the year and quite frankly I'm a bit annoyed that such a massive online presence would be considered 'not for profit' in any sense of the word, especially when they too have Ad Revenue up the wazoo from all the promoting their site does.

    Was just wondering if anyone else was as annoyed as I am with the constant pop ups that demand readers to donate.
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    Being a "massive online presence" doesn't pay bills on it's own. Where do you think they get the money to pay for and maintain servers? They don't run ads on the site (which is how you get money from ads; you have to pay to put ads on other people's sites), and I don't think they're supporting one of the biggest sites on the internet just selling T-shirts.

    They get money from donations because running ads on articles would potentially put them in a bad spot. You don't want a business with an article on the site withholding their money pending changes to "unflattering phrasing" or the like. Not if you care about integrity, anyways.

    Now, if you're seeing ads on Wikipedia, there's probably something wrong with your computer. See here:
    Wikipedia:FAQ/Readers - Wikipedia
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