Ages 3 and Up Newsletter for January 30th

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    We have added several new exciting preorders to the site. Check them out under our Pre-order heading here: Some of the items we now have up are;
    Encore Omega Supreme:
    Minibots sets:
    Revoltech Starscream:
    Revoltech Rodimus:
    Japanese version of Battle Mode Bumblebe:
    Japanese version of Battle Mode Optimus Prime:
    Yamatto’s 1/60 scale YF-21:
    CMS,s Alpha/Beta set:
    We were also lucky enough to track down a few more of the Encore Skylynx figure and so have upped our numbers on this preorder as well:

    USA Edition Starscream and Skylynx are to be shipping out from Japan around the 20th of February so we will be charging cards and requesting payment at that time for them.

    Now in stock

    Best way to see what product has come in this week is to check out our forum pages at: The Just In section will list whenever we get new product into the store and all items should be available that day in store or within the next day on line.

    New Site

    As many have already noticed, has a new face lift. The brand new site has many more features than the last one and is much easier to use. Unfortunately we could not move all the data from the last site over to this new one so you will have to recreate your log in and password for the new site. Not to worry about all preorders, they are on file and will still be filled as items come in. If you have any questions about any of your previous orders please email us at [email protected] and it will be checked into right away.


    You may notice that you can now order comics on the site as well as obtain them in store. All comics are subjected to the same rules as toys in that they are covered under the flat rate shipping and all pre-order rules. Comics will be listed as Trade Paperbacks mostly but you will still find some single issues, incentives, hard covers and many other extras as well.

    Metrotown reopening

    Our Metrotown store is still on schedule with our opening date of Feb 15th. Look for our new spot on the Lower level in front of Toys R Us.

    On line free shipping for BC addresses

    Right now is a good time to make a purchase on line for anyone who is missing our retail store, all orders shipped between now and Feb 10th have access to free shipping. This is good for in stock items only and all orders must be shipped by Feb 10th for the free shipping to take effect. Anything that will be shipped after the 10th will have the regular shipping fee of $8.99 for Canada added to their order. This fee will be applied to all orders with preorders placed between now and Feb 10th if the preorder comes in stock after then 10th.

    Free t-shirt

    For February, all orders over $200 will receive a free Ages Three And Up t-shirt along with their order.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to send them to us at [email protected] and they will be answered in a timely fashion. Thanks everyone for their continued support!

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    Oooohhh... I am so Xcited for them to reopen AGAIN, cause i wanna go toy shopping :D  living in chilliwack BC... there isnt alot of places to really get toys other then walmart, zellers... BUT then i go into the city and i have toy traders, toysrus, ages3and up .. hehe
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    It's interesting that the Canadian dollar is almost equivalent to the US dollar now. I've never seen the two so close in value.
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