Customs: Advice on painting IDW Skids glowing lines?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Starganderfish, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Hi All,
    Busily working my way through my custom Lost Light main crew and I'm after some advice on Skids.
    Looking at using the latest LG20 Takara Legends Skids for the character as it seems like the best representation. I'm not a fan of the plain pink lines that Takara painted on though. Fails to give that neon bulb look that he needs. Once I have the figure in hand I'll decide whether a full repaint is necessary but I definitely need to do something about the pink. What are people's advice to do this?
    I have two thoughts at the moment.
    First: I have a glow in the dark pink pigment ( use it for custom energon cubes) I could maybe add that to some Tamiya clear gloss and mask off and spray or paint it onto the lines. Would give a glow affect when the lights are off which would be cool, but wouldn't do much for the general look.
    Second: attempt to use a graduated paint process to mimic the look of the glow. Something like what G.I.Eddie did with his awesome BTTF custom.
    Or ideally, maybe do both?
    I'm just not sure how hard it is to do that glow effect with graduating paint. Is it a manual brush thing or best done with an airbrush? I have a good airbrush with a 3mm nozzle. I'm moderately okay with the airbrush, and would obviously practice before doing the figure. Would I need a thinner needle/nozzle? They go as fine as 2mm for my brush. Or is it best done by hand with a fine brush?
    I've looked at reprolabels stickers and they are terrible - don't give the glow effect at all.
    Thanks in advance

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