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    Just before X-mas I got a bunch of stuff that I had been accumulating in my pile of loot at BBTS (including the disappointingly large Igear Hench).

    In my POL was a Phantasy Star online Yellowboze model kit by Kotobukia:

    1/12 Scale Racaseal Yellowboze Version Apsy Model Kit - Phantasy Star Online Model Kits

    Now my problem: shortly after I got the kit, I saw that one of the main parts that holds the body together was damaged on the parts tree. I tried to repair the piece, but it didn't work. The figure holds together, but is floppy and I don't know how long the part will last before it breaks.

    The kit came with what I assume is a form to order replacement parts, but it's in Japanese (which I can't read), and I doubt Kotobukia in Japan or China would send me replacements. I did contact (or whatever the address is) but I haven't hear back from them yet. I haven't attempted to ask BBTS anything about this because all I need is one tiny part.

    I don't want to have to buy another whole $50+ kit, or super glue that entire section together.

    So, what should I do?
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    As long as they aren't sold out BBTS will either offer you an exchange or send you a replacement part. If they have none in stock they'll offer a refund or store credit. Either way they wont just send you a "tough shit" email. They're awesome like that.

    Just send them an email with the order number and tell them what you told us.