Admin Side Zombie pluggin/mod for CS:Source

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Cheetatron, Feb 3, 2006.

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    The most fun I have had on counter strike in a long time. The setup on most zombie servers is this, Ts are filled up with ai zombies and humans default to CTs. You are typically out numbered and it takes 2 awp head shots worth of damage to kill one zombie. If you have a tight plan you can run and shoot till the level is round is over you will lose but you will survive, if you have a tight enough team you can own the zombies. If not you get schooled as zombies have uber health and they fight with the knife so you know there fast.

    There was this one time in de_inferno we had a pretty good team and we rushed right like normal but this guy went to far and a zombie crashed through a window that was new to the source version of that map and tore him up like in a good horror movie.

    What are you waiting for hop on a server all ready I'm on as ALow...Shame.
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    How about an IP?

    And can the real playeres be converted into Zombies? That would make it a lot more fun, I think.