Customs: Addon kit for DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Prime-Directive, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Hay guys, I have had this idea in my head I wanted to share and I wanted to know from you guys on here what you all think.

    So I have been gandering back at my DOTM Optimus and I have to tell you for a figure of Optimus representing his robot mode and transformation from that film I am not overly impressed, but the more I look at how he transforms the more I see it as a wasted opportunity and not so bad, I feel that the figure itself now is no longer a bad figure but just wasted on the wrong Optimus body, with the way the chest flips up over the windows, the back tires tucking away under his feet and having no reel wheels on his thighs I feel that this mold should have been saved for AOE and redesigned as the upgraded form of Optimus Prime, everything fits away so neatly and there wouldn't have been as much kibble, besides on the arms of course.

    My question is, to anyone that feels they are capable, would such a job be doable to make an addon kit for this Optimus Prime giving him the upgraded AOE parts, I feel this would work due to a few factors

    1-He has tabs sticking out from his shoulders that could be used to attach his large shoulder covers in robot mode.
    2-He has these long risen pieces of plastic on his shoulders, a chest piece could be made that attaches the collar piece to these plastic tabs that has a new chest made onto the collar that covers over the fake wind-shield chest.
    3-Remove his knees and make shin pieces that can be clipped into the removed knee parts.
    4-His feet are removable so you could easily slide the old prime feet off and replace them with the new upgraded versions.
    5-The canister things on his back are stuck on with ball joints, you could remove them and have the new truck form pipes added on instead with a ball joint just to complete the look.
    6-Since he has no real wheels on his thighs you could simply make the armored plates that tab over the wheels, hiding them.
    7-You could also make a crotch piece attachment with moveable hip flaps (or what ever they are called) that hang over his thighs.

    along with maybe a new head as well as his sword and shield you have yourself a new voyager class AOE knight Optimus Prime, and obviously when you want to transform him then simply remove some of the parts (I am sure the new feet could stay on).

    so is there any customizers out there that feel like they could do this? More suitably someone with access to a 3d printer with very high skills at designing such things would be preferred as I think it might make it easier to mass produce, I dont know much about the process of customizing though so I could be wrong lol anyways tell me what you think and if anyone is willing to give this a shot, I would be willing to pay quite a bit for a job like this and I am sure others would be to. :)