Illustrations/Digital Models: Adding a Text Link to a Signature

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    I made a little "how-to" guide on how to make a text link [within] your signature to redirect anyone to your B/S/T list, Feedback list, Ebay account, etc. So I hope this helps everyone.

    [Follow the instruction] list 1, 2, and, 3. Look at the picture for reference.

    1. Copy the text to the link you want to direct someone to. Open up your User Control panel and click on the "Edit Signature" link to the left.

    2. Click the "Insert Link" button in the control panel. When that pops up, paste the link you just copied into the bar and click ok.

    3. Now find the second set of text that has your link in it. This will be the text that appears before the last [/URL] text, erase what is there and add your own text to create a title.

    And there you have it. Hope this helps.

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