Beyond Basics: Add Working Smoke to Your Transformer Custom!

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    Add Working Smoke to Your Transformer Custom! (YouTube demo-video)


    I just wanted to share a demo-video of this neat little device I used to create a smoke-bellowing "blast-furnace" on the Titan-class custom-Transformer I'm working on right now. The "Dragon Puffer" is basically a battery-operated, miniature fog-machine that uses "fog-juice", a mixture of water, glycerin and propylene-glycol. Another major advantage of this setup is, it's not only battery-powered, but it's small enough to blend in with the figure or diorama you're building after a little added paint and detail!

    This shows how I ran some simple pipework through all the right places with a working LED, and it now has illuminated smoke coming out of it in less than 10-seconds at the pull of a trigger. There are other ways you could go about it, but this was the easiest way that I found to do it. Although the tool and blue funnel/blower-adapter was around $60 altogether. The video gives a little rundown of both the backstory on the project and how to use the tool itself.

    Thanks for looking!

    Yep, that's the only catch: the size and length of the tube/hose running from the puffer. I was lucky that the Titan was big enough for the puffer and tube to actually blend in with the huge alt-mode. It's probably more practical for a diorama like a ship, lab or battle-scene. On the other hand, if you really wanted to, you could always run a series of reducers to bring the lines down to the size of a small auto vacuum-line and run it through the figure somehow.

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