Activators Cliffjumper/Dirge, G1 Stunticons, Bubblegum Crisis

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    Activators Cliffjumper/Dirge, Bubblegum Crisis

    Hello Ladies and Gents. I realize with the passing of Botcon and the advent that is the ROTF toyline, there's a very slim chance anyone wants any of this, but it's worth a try. Prices are fairly set and do include shipping where noted. First to pay is the first to get the stuff. I take Paypal under [email protected]. Please feel free to ask questions or make counter offers, or even offer trades. Thanks and God bless.


    1 Set of Cliffjumper and Dirge MISB, Cost plus shipping


    Terrorcons, loose & complete $5 apiece plus shipping or buy the lot for $30 shipped


    Motoslave with Sylia Figure, kinda in the style of the Cyclones from Robotech, but ladies. I never saw the anime but thought this would be a cool addition. Sadly, it just isn't my style, opened just once to check it out, about the size of TFTM Deluxe Arcee. Comes with interchangeable hands for both the rider and the Motoslave armor, as well as weapon and display stand. MIB, $28 SHIPPED OBO



    Universe Minicons $8 shipped and Junker TFTM Big Daddy $5 shipped or buy the lot for $10 shipped
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