Accidental commander class starscream??

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    Hi all,

    First time posting so not sure if am doing in right format. Forgive me if i am not. Just wanted to share some findings. Recently, i accidentally broke my cyberverse starscream after dropping it on the floor and not realising it, have my work chair run over it. The wing was broken. I was devastated, as i would not like to buy another starscream playset to replace the figure.

    I then took my rotf legend starscream and display it in its place. I looked at the broken figure and see what parts can be salvaged for mods. I play around with it on my rotf version, swapping arms, legs and also extending the legs by adding the shoulder of the rotf version onto the legs. And surprisingly, i ended up with a taller sized figure, that maybe can pass as a commander sized starscream. The one thing also which disappoints me was that starscream did not come in the commander class. He is the 2nd in command and deservedly should be made as a commander class figure. Most of the other legion toys tower over starscream even legion crowbar and crankcase. Well, now i am happily displaying this modded figure and proud to finally elevated "mini scream" into the decepticon 2nd in command looking down at the other figures.

    The joints on the legs are quite loose due to the ball joints. Not sure how to explain it, but he will stand well after balancing slightly. He can still transform however, with added kibbles under and exposed hands and legs as shown in the photoes. Anyway i only display my figures in robot mode so that doesnt worry me abit. now i have a bigger legends starscream figure which i think do resemble the movie figure..Anyway now i am deciding either to buy the single pack version to get my figure back or just buy another playset..and so i can display 2 fighters and help in troop building. Anyway just to share with you guys. Thanks.

    Here is the end result

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    Poor old Other Starscream...:( 
    (This might ever pass as a Radicon if you're awesome 'n' such.:) )