A Transformers/Godzilla crossover idea

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    I was watching the trailer for the newest Godzilla movie (Shin Godzilla) and I started thinking about what if IDW published a Transformers/Godzilla miniseries withe a 8 or 12 parts. This is a pretty lengthy read, I'm sorry XD, I went pretty overboard, especially in the climax. Hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated, so here's what I thought of:

    A team of Autobots led by Optimus Prime travel to Tokyo, after intercepting massive energy spikes, believing that a large cache of energon was being mined by the Decepticons. The Autobots weren't wrong, but the energy spike was caused by Godzilla, who washed up onshore battling a group Decepticons led by Starscream. The Autobots split up to evacuate a nearby city, while Prime assists Starscream into driving Godzilla back into the sea. But for some reason, Godzilla heads back into sea, and several Decepticons and Autobots who were wounded during the battle all die suddenly.

    Realizing that it won't be long until Godzilla returns, Optimus Prime calls in Omega Supreme to come and defend Tokyo, along with a large army of Autobots who are arriving with Metroplex to the outskirts. Starscream reports to Megatron, explaining Godzilla and what happened to the several troops who suddenly died at the end of the battle. Intrigued, Megatron sends a team of scientists with Shockwave as their leader, to study Godzilla, also ordering the Nemesis to fly near Tokyo.

    Optimus Prime also has the same idea, and sends Percepter, Wheeljack and others to study Godzilla. They track Godzilla's location in sea, who's resting, and find that Shockwave's team is already there. But before they start a battle, Wheeljack explains that they may wake Godzilla up, and could possibly kill them, and proposes a brief truce with Shockwave. He agrees, and they get to work. Meanwhile, Tokyo has been evacuated, and defenses have been set up, and Prime plans with Magnus, Rodimus, Prowl and Jazz a plan to use Omega Supreme to attack once the science team returns. so they can form a plan.

    Meanwhile under the sea, the Autobots and Decepticons have made a discovery: Without their over-shields, Godzilla can absorb their energy, killing a bot within minutes since he feeds off nuclear radiation. To test the theory, Starscream shoots Grapple in his leg multiple times breaking his overshield. The Autobots are deceived, and are forced to watch Grapple die with his energon being absorbed. As the Deceptcions are ready to do this again, the Autobots fight back, but make the mistake of waking up Godzilla once again, who kills most of the Transformers in the area, and pursues the survivors away from land. Meanwhile, the Autobots detect Godzilla again, and sends Omega Supreme into the sea to attack.

    Starscream, Shockwave, Percepter, and Wheeljack and a few others are about to be killed, but Omega Supreme arrives and buys them time to escape. Godzilla's atomic beams are effective against Omega, but his arm cannon manages to knock down Godzilla. He picks up Godzilla, and flies to the sky, intending to throw him into the sun. But Godzilla fires a atomic beam into Omega's face, falling into the Philippine sea. With Omega heavily damaged, Godzilla finishes him off with another atomic beam, and absorbs whatever energy Omega has left, and Godzilla then slowly makes his way back to Tokyo.

    Learning of Omega's death, Optimus Prime decides to speak with Megatron alone, intending to form an alliance. They meet alone on top of Metroplex, where he convinces Megatron that Godzilla is absorbing energon that's nearby him, and can mean less power for the Transformers to survive. Megatron agrees, and has the Nemesis flyby closer, for ariel support. Wheeljack and Percepter return, and reports about the Decepticon's treachery, which brings further distrust between Optimus Prime and Megatron. Megatron promises to punish those who go against the alliance to cool down the situation. Starscream, decides to get rid of Megatron with knowledge of how Godzilla can kill Transformers without attacking. They plan an attack, since Cybertronion weapons are far more effective, Metroplex volunteers himself to attack Godzilla head-on. Starscream overhears the discussion.

    Starscream makes the next step of his plan, and gathers several followers including Shockwave, the Combaticons and more who hate the idea of the alliance, but love the idea of using Godzilla to destroy the Autobots, along with the promise to leave Earth forever. Starscream executes the first phase of his plan: send Skywarp to teleport him and others to Metroplex's t-cog to destroy it, and gather raw energon to power up Godzilla, and provoke him into attacking the Autobots.

    Starscream and his followers arrive at a Decepticon mining outpost, where he orders the miners to give all the energon to Starscream or die. Some miners challenge Starscream, but the Combaticons form Bruticus to scare the miners into working for Starscream. Meanwhile, Skywarp and several others plant charges around Metroplex's t-cog, but since Metroplex can feel something, he alerts Optimus, forcing Skywarp to detonate the charges, teleporting away and leaving many others wounded from the blast, and brought in as prisoners, but succeeding in their mission.

    Starscream and his team have readied their transport with the energon, and Skywarp reports, but sadly announces that the Alliance may of discovered their plans. Starscream kills Skywarp, fearing that he might teleport back to Megatron and betray them. They track Godzilla, who's heading closer to Tokyo and fly off. Meanwhile, the survivors of the blast are interrogated, and eventually reveal Starscream's plans, but are already in effect. Prime and Megatron ready a squadron to take on Starscream, and Metroplex decides to manually space-bridge himself to a uninhabitable planet, where he can trap Godzilla there. Optimus Prime is reluctant, but Metroplex insists. They then form a plan: lure Godzilla through Tokyo, and have him arrive in Metroplex with raw energon as bait, and then Metroplex and use his spacebridge to bring him and Godzilla out of Earth.

    The army prepares, and use the combiners (Superion, Menasor, Defensor, Devastator, King Poseidon, Road Caesar) as a frontline of defense, and the Nemesis used for air support. Meanwhile, Godzilla is getting close, and Starcream's team drop several large caches of energon to get Godzilla's attention. However, Godzilla spots the transport, and fires his atomic beam at the ship, damaging it, and forcing Stasrcream and the fliers to abandon the ship. Godzilla absorbs the ship's energy, along with the many energon caches, AND the Decepticons within the ship and faces resistance from Bruticus, but Godzilla bites down on Bruticus, killing him instantly, and absorbs his his energy. super charging Godzilla. At this point, he's absorbed so much energon, his body starts glowing purple.

    Later on, Godzilla is spotted at a beach, and the Autobot/Decepticon attack begins. Fliers fire missiles at Godzilla's face, doing little damage but angering him. Godzilla fires his atomic beam at several fliers, and the survivors fly back into the city. Godzilla is then attacked from behind, from several of the combiners, who fire their weapons at Godzilla's back fins, and trying to pull them off. Godzilla tries to shake them off, and is met with another wave of fliers, attacking his face again. This doesn't stop Godzilla, and he makes his way into the city, where cannons from buildings and on the ground fire on Godzilla, trying to knock him down. The cannons do some damage, but Godzilla knocks down several buildings containing cannons with his tail. Starscream and his remaining followers arrive at the battle, and they attack the combiners, trying to knock them off Godzilla. Outside the city, Optimus Prime readies Metroplex's main cannon to fire at Godzilla, but notices Starscream's forces attacking the alliance. Megatron joins several Infantry groups to eliminate Starscream and his followers, with Optimus Prime remaining for final preparations for Metroplex.

    Godzilla fires an atomic beam at a group of attacks from below, forcing the combiners to get off since he fins have become too hot to touch. with this opportunity, Godzilla swings around, knocking away some combiners, and firing his atomic beam at the Menasor, destroying him. Godzilla then stomps on Superion, who was knocked down, and absorbs his energy. the remaining combiners attack head on, punching and shooting Godzilla's face, and Godzilla manages to bite down on Road Caesar, and vaporize Devastator. Godzilla marches on further into the city, destroying the defenses the Autobots had set up, and absorbing more energy.

    Starscream's troops follow Godzilla, but are met with Megatron's forces along with the surviving combiners, who chase them down to Metroplex. Godzilla follows only for the bait in Metroplex. Optimus Prime orders Megatron's troops to clear the area, and Metroplex fires his main cannon, hitting Godzilla in the stomach, knocking him back, and managing to wound him. As the air battle moves closer to Metroplex, Optimus orders the rest of the Autobots to evacuate, since Metroplex is ready to teleport on his own. Starscream is caught by Megatron, and before he is killed, Godzilla fires a atomic beam at many troops, and gets back up, even more furious then before. Prime's troops arrive to bomb Godzilla, but Godzilla instead leans forward, and fires an array of atomic beams from his back! Autobot and Decepticon fliers are destroyed left and right, and Optimus orders a retreat.

    The surviving troops make their way into the outskirts, while Godzilla continues destroying them. Megatron orders the Nemesis to attack, and the ship crashes into Godzilla, while firing side cannons all over Godzilla. More Decepticon dropships fly out from the Nemesis, and they arrive to pick up ground troops while many more fliers distract Godzilla. Being bombarded with the cannons, Godzilla has a hard time getting up, and fires his atomic beam all over the place, destroying nearby buildings, and damaging the ship. Godzilla then uses the chance to fire his atomic beams from his back to destroy the ship, and it crashes into Godzilla, as a last ditch effort to slow him down.

    Starscream manages to escape, and makes his way to Metroplex, so he can destroy the space bridge, and Optimus and Megatron pursue him. Godzilla moves closer to Metroplex. Starscream heads into the control deck where the counter is, and prepares to destroy the room, but Megatron and Optimus arrive to fight Starscream. As they fight, Starscream destroys the counter, and Godzilla arrives in Metroplex, and absorbs the energon, charging him. Godzilla is faced with Metroplex's defenses, and he fires atomic beams, cutting clean of many of Metroplex's buildings. Godzilla also fires his beam at the command bridge, heavily damaging it, and leaves Megatron, Optimus and Starscream damaged. With little time before Godzilla absorbs their energon, Optimus and Starscream weakly make their way to the space bridge activation, while Godzilla continues to destroy Metroplex. Before he dies, Megatron fires his fusion cannon at Starscream, killing him. With the chance, Optimus activates the space bridge, and Metroplex teleports away.

    Weeks later, the alliance is still together, with Ultra Magnus and Soundwave leading their respective groups until they can solve their current energon crisis and rebuilding Tokyo. No one knew what happened to Godzilla, Optimus and Megatron, but the war looked like it may finally have ended.