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    a little fic that invaded my head. Takes place during season 3 of Prime

    Knockdown heads down to Shockwave's lab. He sees Soundwave and Shockwave drinking energon and chatting like old friends.

    "So you're the great Shockwave?" Knockdown asks.

    "Obviouslly." Shockwave says.

    "Then it's truly an honor but I have to ask. Why do you spend most of your time with these pets of yours when they pale in comparison to your inventions."

    "Because..." Shockwave goes to answer when the hi grade energon that Shockwave is drinking hits him like a ton of bricks.

    "Because... Because I want to be the best." Shockwave answers

    "The best at what? You're already are the best." Knockdown points out.

    "To be the best that ever was. To teach them is my way of test. To train them is my cause. Pokemon..." shockwave says and that singing drunk in dunk slures. "You teach me and i teach you. pokemon. gotta catch em all. Pokemon. Good night New York." Shockwave shouts and collapses onto the floor.

    "What the frag was that?" KO wonders.

    "He's a light drinker which makes him excellent for when I need Blackmail material." Soundwave answers

    ko gulps and backs away slowly.