A prequel to AOE (my idea)

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    I hope you like it!

    A prequel to Age of extinction
    (my own idea)

    It is two years after the devastating battle that left Chicago in ruins. Humanity’s attitude towards the Transformers will never be the same. Many people died in there, many lost their homes and relatives, it was the greatest disaster for the human race! The whole world was horrified, the president of the United States called for assistance from Europe, Asia and South America and the world learned of the Transformers, though their fate was uncertain. People hated them, ‘anti-Transformers’ campaigns showed up, the alliance with the Autobots was suspended and all contacts with them were forbidden. Their leader – Optimus Prime made an official statement addressed to the humans: “We sincerely regret the death of so many people! I know there’s nothing worse than loosing your loved one and I offer my condolences! If you want us to leave, we will honor your decision!”
    At a formal meeting at the White House the alliance with the extraterrestrials was cancelled, many people were there holding propaganda posters: “GO AWAY!” “YOU KILLED OUR RELATIVES!”
    President Barack Obama: “Dear fellow countrymen and all citizens of Earth, we never asked for this war! We can no longer believe the aliens! We know what were the consequences of this war, I officially announce that this alliance is over and that the Autobots have to leave our planet!”

    Three years after the attack on Chicago have past and humanity has recovered! The city is being reconstructed and the dead aliens and their technology have been left for Research. In the last year the Transformers have disappeared, but people continue to report for ‘transforming’ vehicles and ‘cars without drivers’.
    A mysterious group of CIA agents, led by Harold Attinger took on the task to hunt down these remaining Transformers. An alien bounty hunter named Lockdown arrived on Earth with the stipulation that he won’t harm Earth unless Attinger helps him find and capture Optimus Prime. This transaction was executed in secret, neither the president nor the public knew about it! Despite the fact that the alliance was over, Optimus and Bumblebee continued living with Sam Witwicky and protected him until one day when the doorbell rang! Sam and Carly were now living together in a house in the suburbs. Three black rally fighters stopped in front of the house. Attinger and his ‘right hand’
    Savoy asked Sam if he had seen Optimus Prime…
    “Mr. Witwicky, in the past you had contact with the aliens, we’ve got an report of Transformers sights, we want to know the truth – Have you seen any Transformers nearby?” (they know Sam’s hiding the truth)
    After Sam starts to change the topic of the conversation and avoids Attinger’s questions, Savoy knocks him and points a gun at his face: “Last chance, where are Bumblebee and Prime?”. After Sam refuses to tell them, Savoy shoots him, Carly stands next to them and crying shouts: “Bumblebee!”. Bumblebee and Optimus burst through the wall and find Sam and Carly lying dead on the floor! Optimus: “You humans!”, Bumblebee: “SAM!!!! (using radio), this angers Optimus and he starts shooting at Attinger and Savoy and then, out of no where, comes a shot, that strikes Optimus!
    He falls on the ground as Attinger says: “Meet my asset Prime!”, Optimus: “LOCKDOWN!”, Lockdown: “Happy to see me Prime?”. Bumblebee helps Optimus and they both flee as Lockdown fires missiles at them. They separate and Optimus finds refuge at a junkyard, where he scans an old, rusty truck!
    Bumblebee scans an old 67 Camaro SS and goes to the hot desert of Utah, where he awaits for orders from Prime and grieves for Sam!​