A prequel to AEO (my own idea) part II

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    Here comes part II

    Four years after the events at Chicago and the reporting of Transformers sights continues. The mysterious group 'Cemetery wind' is still hunting down Autobots. After Optimus Prime's escape, Lockdown helps Attinger to hunt down other Autobots, in order to learn Prime's location from them.
    In an abandoned factory they detect an Autobot, who is hiding. As soon as they surround him he runs away while the agents are chasing him. Rally fighter driver: “The Ferrari is at three o’clock, block its path or it'll escape!” The red Ferrari speeds off and dodges the missiles, which the agents are shooting at it! All of a sudden Lockdown jumps out in front and kicks the car, causing it to crash and flip over. Then the Autobot transforms and as soon as he gets up, a powerful shot strikes him and knocks him down. The black cars surround him and the agents pick him up at gunpoint! Lockdown: “You think you can hide from me, Dino?” Dino: ”Whatever you want, just forget about it!” – “Remember, I’m not a Decepticon and tyranny doesn’t interest me, just tell me where is Optimus Prime?” – “I’d rather die than tell you!” Lockdown: “So be it!” ,as he tears out Dino’s spark. “Another trophy for my collection!” Attinger looks at Lockdown angrily. “When are you finally going to catch Prime?!” Lockdown: “Don’t make me angry, human! These Autobots have proven to be tough nuts. Last month Leadfoot and now Dino, they can’t hide the truth forever, soon I shall find Optimus and he won’t escape this time!”
    In the sands, in the desert of Utah, a lonely warrior is wandering! Bumblebee – now lost, without friends, is still waiting for orders from Prime, that never come. He starts to loose faith, but remote Autobot signals encourage him. Not long after he meets up with two Autobot refugees – Drift and Crosshairs. “Bumblebee, is it really you, old bastard?” – Crosshairs. Drift: “Crosshairs, watch your language! Who uses bad words, ends without dignity!!!” – “Sure, wiseacre! So, how's it going Bee? I haven’t seen you since the battle at Tiger Pax.” Drift: “We received a distress call from Optimus, where is he?” Bumblebee (with a sad face): “He’s gone!” (radio). Crosshairs: “Is the big bot dead, is that what you’re telling us?” Bumblebee explains them about the fate of the Autobots and how they were all hiding.
    “No news of Optimus for a while!” He might be…”Don’t say it Bumblebee, we must have faith!” – Drift – “Do not give up brothers Autobots, I shall lead you until we find Optimus!”… “And who says so? If any of us will be the leader, it will be me!” – Crosshairs. Bumblebee (angry shout, using the radio): “Stop, both of you, I’ve been here long before you two, and I know Earth better than you do, so I will lead!”
    The three find refuge in a cave, where they patiently wait for news of Optimus or any other surviving Autobots. Months later Autobot Hound joins the ‘new’ team with leader – Bumblebee.