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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by jorod74, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Okay, am watching TV Land because i am waiting for Scrubs or something else and well, something happens every few minutes that pisses me off.

    TV Land runs out of a 6 commercial break, 4 commercials for a program that won't be premiering for another 8 months. and they do this every break. and 24-7.

    by the time it debuts, i refuse to watch it b/c i am sick of this hyped show already.

    one more pet peeve- networks who show more ads for their own reruns and garbage than actual profit making ads.

    gee, tnt, i know by now that Law and Order is on 9 hours a day, i just finished the 2nd of the 3 mini marathons you aired today.
    anyhoo, all it says to me is that the sales/ad guys are sleeping on the job when they have more air time to devote to promoting their stuff than selling ads. sure, they can announce a lineup or something, but ad nauseum?

    ugh. rant over.
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    I find that I tune out when a commercial comes on. Except for one fucking annoying commercial for the "Ford Store in Morgan Hill" <----This is repeated several times and the way the guy says it makes me want to go down to his car lot and strangle him with a seatbelt.