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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tony_Bacala, Apr 21, 2020.

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    COVID-19 has completely taken over our world, it's affecting everyone on the planet. Our normal way of life has been disrupted and it's understandable people want to talk about it.

    That being said, every single news outlet on the planet has a constant stream of articles and videos about it, every minute of every day.

    Due to the nature of a global issue, everyone has their point of view on how it came to be, what to do now, and on the people enacting those things. Discussing it has become more about picking sides in a socio-political argument normally reserved for politics rather than absorbing and commenting on information.

    Because of this, we are officially adding COVID-19 discussion to the list of items not to talk about here on TFW2005. Politics, Religion, Social issues which trigger divide, and now COVID-19.

    This is not to say you all shouldn't be reading and speaking on these things. You should. Just not here. This is a fun place, a place to escape, unwind. I want everyone to leave their divisions at the door. The only divisions should be whether you are AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON at your core.

    Now, COVID-19 does affect our hobby specifically. Toys can be delayed. Factories can shut down. Retailers can have stock issues. Events can be canceled. Discussing those things and their connection to COVID is fine. But devolving into origins of the event, commentary on governments and the like will not be allowed here.

    There is no perfect line I can describe here to say what can / can't be said in every situation. This is truly unique in it's nature, we haven't dealt with it before on the forum management side either. So bottom line - you can speak about it's existence when speaking about other things related to our hobby. Anything after that may be moderated. Try to keep in the spirit of what we are laying out here and we'll figure it out together.
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Thread Status:
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