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    Hello All,

    I put my trade list together and posted it here to maybe fill in a couple holes in my collection. If you see something you are interested in please send me a message and your trade list. I ebay under



    Primary wants
    BW (Japan) Burning Convoy
    Machine robo rescue 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11, 12 & DX’s
    Webdiver w-11, wyverion
    Energon Omega Sentinel
    Energon Ultra Magnus
    Reissue Landcross, Sixturbo, Sixwing, Sixtrain
    Robot masters (not repaints)
    Some Deluxe Megazords are also cool with me
    Send me your trade list though, I’ll take a look

    Transformers trade list
    Brawn C8 (broken of hand) – minibot
    Cindersaur C7.5 - Firecon
    Hound C7 (ragged sticker and a split tire)
    Kickback C8.5 - insecticon
    Fizzle C8 – sparkabot
    Override C8 – Triggerbot
    Ruckus C6.5 (missing button)- Triggercon
    Ramjet C7.5 (body only) - Seeker
    Bonecrusher c7 (ripped off canopy) - constructicons
    Mixmaster C7 (missing cement container) - constructicon
    Scrapper C8 (missing canopy) – constructicon
    Scavenger C7 – Constructicon
    Swindle C7 - combaticon
    Seaspray C7.5 (no rubsign) - minibot
    Seaspray C8 (rubsign) - minibot
    Seaspray C8 (rubsign) – minibot
    Wheelie C7 (no windshield) - minibot

    Eagle Eye C8 (missing fin)
    Scrapper C8 – constructicon
    Vortex C8 (missing rotor) – combaticons
    Xwing green and tan cyber-jet C8

    MOC Fuzor Airhammer
    Optimus Primal & Megatron 2 pack c9 (missing one op sword) – basic sized figs
    Bantor C9 – Fuzor
    MIB B’Boom
    MOC Fuzor Buzzclaw
    MOC Fuzor Bantor
    Cheetor C9 – TM2
    MOC Fuzor Injector
    Jawbreaker C9 - TM2
    MIB TM Megatron
    MOC TM2 Optimus Minor
    MIB Optimal Optimus
    MIB TM Optimus Primal
    Noctorro C9 – fuzor
    MOC Fuzor Noctorro
    Quickstrike C9 – fuzor
    MOC Quikestrike
    MOC TM2 Ramulus
    Rattrap C9 – transmetal
    Razorclaw C8.5 – basic
    MOC TM2 Scarem
    MOC TM2 Sonar
    MOC Fuzor Silverbolt
    Tarantulus C9 – transmetal
    MOC TM Tarantulus
    MOC Fuzor Terragator
    Terrorsaur C9 – original
    Terrorsaur C9 – transmetal
    MOC Fuzor Torca
    MIB Transquito

    Blackarachnia C9
    Cheetor C9 – Mega
    Obsidian C9
    Scavenger C9
    Snarl C9
    Tankorr C9 – Mega
    Tank drone C9
    Thrust C9

    MOC Offshoot

    Heroes of Cybertron
    MOC Optimus Prime

    Gobot trade list
    Raizor C8.5 no rotor – Super gobot – yes possibly the best gobot produced
    Cy-kill c9 – super gobot
    Staks c8.5 – super gobot
    Defender c9 – super gobot
    Bug bite c7 – super gobot
    Psycho c7.5 – super gobot
    Magmar c8 – rocklord
    Crackpot c8 - rocklord
    Slimestone c8 – rocklord
    Beamer c7 (no face paint) – wendy’s
    Odd Ball C7 – wendy’s
    Pow Wow c8 – wendy’s
    Road Ranger c8.5
    Fitor c8.5
    Slick c8
    Waterwalk c7 (creased wing)
    Waterwalk blue white knockoff c7 – knockoff
    Bad boy c8
    Bad boy c9
    Blaster orange c9 (no missles)
    Blaster green c9 (one missle)
    Turbo c6 (a few paint chips and cracked wheels)
    Spay-C c6 (some parts yellowed)
    Cy-kill c7 (no wheels or engine)
    Wrong-way c8 (no rotor)
    Pathfinder c 8 (missing a sticker)
    Scorp c6.5 (loose)
    Spoons c8.5
    Small foot C8 (no rollbar or bumber guard)
    Bugsie c7 (few paint chips)
    Fright Face c8 – monsterous head
    W-MR-01 C9 – Machine robo “Duocon” style

    Gobots good for parts
    Spy Eye – (missing head and a rear wing) super gobot
    Throttle – slight yellowing of the blue, missing lower left arm

    Psycho – loose, banged up and missing a set of fingers –super gobot
    Staks – disconnected truck cab, set of wheels and one arm - super gobot
    Cy-kill – everything there, just lots of paint chips – super gobot
    Zeemon – loose, missing two rear tires a right foot and a back window
    Zeemon - nice just missing back window (a price in marker is written there now apparently)
    Baron von joy – looks good but front half is not connected solidly – super gobot
    Pincher – great condition, missing right wing
    Pathfinder – rough, missing back of head and left foot, arms are a mottled metal color
    Bad Boy – loose missing right front and rear wing
    Heat Seeker – missing nose cone, both half wings, and the right rear landing gear
    Pincher – body and legs only
    Weird Wing – broken left wing and one front talon is broken as well
    Zero – missing right wing and right body piece and one rear wing
    Scooter – loose but all pieces, loose lower body half, stress mark on left leg
    Pathfinder – nice but missing left wing and left foot
    Good Knight – fading metal plastic piecesbroken right windshield and missing a tire
    2 x Blaster orange – nice condition, both missing left foot and both missles
    Dozer – missing smoke stack and cage
    Dozer – dingy body missing left arm, smoke stack and cage
    2 x Cy-kill – good body and legs, both missing arms
    Hands-Cuff – rought no wheels or tires or siren

    Power Rangers Zords for trade
    Shogun Megazord – 5 transforming zords
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    Asquian i pm'ed you

    Please get back to me if you are interested in trading.