Customs: A Continuing WIP thread for Hilltopper (AKA: The "Kitty Truck")

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Methusalen, Oct 16, 2011.

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    First off, you can click any image to bring up a larger picture... I'd have linked them to here, but I was having difficulty (I believe they were too large?)...

    OK, so I've made one figure on my own and another was made by a willing professional for my mother (who's father (of course, my grandfather) drove the semi he's based off & the inspiration for the figure's name -as his CB handle WAS 'Hilltopper'). My mother has her figure on a shelf on display.

    However, it would appear that I am not ready to let my figure be complete yet... While I need to strip the paint from the die-cast chest/windows, paint, & clearcoat it; I've kept doing small additions here and there...
    Nothing fancy, but he now has 1:100 Gundam hands, a G2 trailer (instead of the Pepsi Prime one he started out with), and now... Well...

    A little while back I picked up two of the Junkion Blacksmith Justice Leader & Evil Commander 'headmasters'. I meant to use them both for the Powermaster Optimus Prime & a possible PM "Kitty Truck" repaint...

    However... I had a little sudden bit of inspiration (IE: I melted down a Weirdwolf a buddy & I were trying to dye black), and wondered if the Headmaster readout would fit inside a G1 Optimus Prime...

    I pulled out the innards of the Prime cab (undoing a bunch of screws & pulling out the seat that basically holds the upper body together) and did a quick little test fit...

    It seems that it may well fit in there by hacking away at the existing 'seat'...

    And best of all, not much modification would be required to blend it into the vehicle mode! I could cut a rectangle out of the platform Prime's normal head flips out on and be done with it. Or, I could remove the two protrusions that said platform pegs into, cut the little pegs off said platform, & *glue* the piece into place permanently...

    Best of all, I believe this method may still allow me to use Anovasinn's jetpack; though I will have to dig that out & see if it'll still fit; or require further modifications..