A board member has passed.

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    Hello, mods.

    I'm not sure if I should be making a whole thread about this, but I wanted to inform you that a member of TFW has passed: Moosetron, a great man and better friend. He was the rock that held together a small, intimate group of roleplayers on Formspring/Ask.FM, that included myself and Derrick J. Wyatt. He played Armada Galvatron. And he even touched David Kaye and Steve Blum, who even made videos for him on Christmas in their Armada Galvatron and Prime Starscream voices, though these were not made public and never will.

    He was always there for us if we needed him. He forgave those who messed up, and he always had a way of making us smile or laugh if we needed it. He helped several members of our group through incredibly difficult trials and times. His passing really rocked us to the core, and we almost couldn't go on.

    Well, truthfully, he passed on December 31st, 2013, from leukemia. His best friend, Wanda, who also played a trolling version of Unicron on Formspring, was also a nurse, and was in there when it happened and bravely kept us in the group updated on his condition. I wasn't able to make a thread about it then. First there was Moosetron's passing, then there was a death in my family. What a way to ring in the new year, eh?

    Anyway. I didn't get around to thinking about making a thread till today. Mostly out of grief, and the pain that comes when I think about my friend. A week ago, his Tumblr posted a time capsule post from a year ago that day, when he had to go back to the doctor for more leukemia treatment. It was a final goodbye to his friends in our roleplay group.

    I don't know. I guess I just felt like letting you guys know. I recalled the last time a board member passed, everyone was told about it. I was hesitant to post this considering it happened six months ago. But that Tumblr post both brought me to tears, and gave me some strength. He was an amazing human being.

    Sorry, I'm rambling, and there's probably not much point to it now. But I'm just letting you guys know. This probably wasn't the place to put a notification like this, but it was all I could think of.


    I made that when we got the news he'd passed. He was a fan of the musical Wicked.